Tablet failures slow BYOD growth

A report claimed that nearly half people using tablets have experienced failure in the last two years, making them a poor choice as devices in the business sector.

Mobile security management market to hit billion dollar mark by 2015

​The Mobile Security Management (MSM) market is emerging as a strong, fledgling submarket of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). As Mobile Device Management (MDM) evolves into application and content management, the core driver for this evolution is the demand for greater security around corporate assets, wherever they may reside and regardless of format.

Schneier on Security: The NSA is Commandeering the Internet

It turns out that the NSA's domestic and world-wide surveillance apparatus is even more extensive than we thought. Bluntly: The government has commandeered the Internet. Most of the largest Internet companies provide information to the NSA, betraying their users. Some, as we've learned, fight and lose. Others cooperate,

Teaching a computer to play ‘concentration’ advances security, understanding of the human mind

Computer science researchers have programmed a computer to play the game Concentration (also known as Memory). The work could help improve computer security – and improve our understanding of how the human mind works.

$70 Drone Shield wants to protect you from flying spies

There are quite a lot of people who are seriously concerned about maintaining their privacy in an age where aerial drones - like the Parrot AR - are increasingly easy to build or buy.

Report: Viber Android app exploit allows lock-screen bypass

Viber can best be described as an Android messaging app designed to compete with Skype.

Wi-Fi routers are easy to break into

Security experts have warned that home wi-fi routers are easy to hack and the only way to secure them is completely out of users' hands.

Google beats Microsoft Bing in security realm

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is five times more likely to serve up malicious sites in search results than Google, according to German research outfit AV Test.

Dotcom upsets the Kiwi applecart

Sheepish Kiwi spooks are seriously regretting their antics over spying on such a high profile case as Megaupload boss Kim Dotcom.

DEA memo provokes Apple privacy debate

The US Drug Enforcement Agency has been accused of messing with Apple fanboy's heads by pretending that it cannot read their iMessages.

Russian hacker behind Apple OS worm

Security expert Brian Krebs has identified the Russian hacker who made a fortune out of the poor security on Apple's operating system last year.

NATO's Tallinn Manual outlines rules for cyber-warfare

A number of prominent military officials believe cyber warfare is one of biggest threats  the United States is facing today.

Microsoft plugs hole in USB equivalent of Blackburn

Software giant Microsoft has written a patch for a huge hole in Windows which allowed attackers to use USB-connected drives to take full control of a targeted computer.

HTML 5 bug allows data dumps from Mac and PC browsers

A developer recently uncovered an HTML 5 bug that could potentially allow users to be bombarded with gigabytes of useless data from rogue websites.

2014 Chevrolet Impala protects data with a PIN #

Chevrolet has rolled out a rather interesting feature for its 2014 Impala.

Major cybercrime ring busted by Europol

The European police agency Europol has confirmed that it successfully dismantled one of the most efficient cyber crime organizations in operation. 

iOS 6.1 flaw allows iPhone lock screen bypass

Apple has faced a number challenges over the last year related to software errors and flaws on its flagship iPhone. 

DVR flaw allows hackers to access CCTV camera files

Researchers have apparently discovered a security flaw in the DVR systems used by several CCTV video camera manufacturers.

DHS warns of cyber 9/11

The federal government of the United States has been urging businesses to report cyber attacks on their computer networks for years now.

These glasses thwart facial recognition software

Two researchers in Japan have designed what just may be the world's ugliest pair of glasses to prevent facial recognition software from accurately identifying the wearer.