Microsoft probed over bribery allegations

The Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Securities and Equities Commission (SEC) have initiated allegations that Microsoft, and certain resellers paid money to bureaucrats to win software contracts.

Zynga and Facebook scrap partnership deal

Zynga is loosening its ties with Facebook, opening the possibility that Facebook could start developing its own games.

Zuckerberg pledges to keep Facebook shares

With its stock price languishing, Facebook has announced that it won't be making a secondary offering of its shares, and that Mark Zuckerberg will hang on to his own for at least another year.

IPO reveals state of Facebook's finances

Facebook has, as expected, announced its plans for a public offering in what's expected to be the biggest-ever sale of internet company shares.

SEC orders firms to come clean about data breaches

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has ordered companies to disclose security breaches, following a year in which several organizations have been criticized for revealing details late, if at all.

Feds watched porn as Wall Street collapsed

There are apparently three constants in the lives of modern men and women: death, taxes and porn. Well, hopefully not in that order.

'Insubordinate' Infinity Ward bosses fired

Maybe violent games really do make people aggressive: Activision has fired two senior employees of the studio behind Modern Warfare 2, citing insubordination.