Google+ rivals create 'Don't Be Evil' add-on

Engineers from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have created a browser add-on that they say cancels the effects of Google's bias towards Google+ results.

Max Mosley sues Google over orgy search results

Former Formula One motor racing president Max Mosley is suing Google in the European courts, with the aim of getting it to change the way it censors search results.

Google fixes flaw that delisted search results

Google's moved quickly to disable a flaw that allowed anybody that felt like it to remove websites from its search index at will.

New gene curation software created for genetic biologists

University of Illinois researchers have created a curation software tool for genetic biologists and it has led to a new approach in searching for information. They call it the BeeSpace Navigator.

Google attempts to take spam off the menu

Google's conceding that its search results are sometimes less than ideal, and is promising new efforts to reduce the amount of spam that it generates.

Google hit by wide-ranging EU anti-trust investigation

The EU has opened an anti-trust investigation into Google in reponse to allegations that it unfairly promotes its own services in search results.

Google explains how it ranks search results

As the European Commission opens an anti-trust enquiry into Google, the company has revealed details of how it ranks its search results.