Scaling up personalized query results for next-gen search engines

North Carolina State University researchers have developed a way for search engines to provide users with more accurate, personalized search results. The challenge in the past has been how to scale this approach up so that it doesn’t consume massive computer resources. Now the researchers have devised a technique for implementing personalized searches that is more than 100 times more efficient than previous approaches.

Google in trouble with alien governments. Again

Search engine Google's attempts to avoid paying tax in cash-strapped Britain have been grassed up to the press by its customers.

Google forced into an antitrust corner

Google, forced into compromise with the European Commission, has released a list of proposals to satisfy worries about it breaking antitrust laws - but these are likely to be rejected by rivals.

Google wants to resurrect realtime search

Google has many creations. When they kill one off, it doesn’t always stay dead.

Yahoo announces its answer to Google Instant search

Yahoo announced yesterday that it is making upgrades to its search engine that will bring up results in real-time.

Which search engine would win at Jeopardy?

IBM's Watson computer is widely tipped to take the crown when its appearance in Jeopardy is screened next month.

Users don't think search engines need government regulation

Most Americans believe that search engines are doing a fine job of ranking search answers, and don't believe they need government regulation.

Scammers create 57,000 fake web pages - every week

Well, we thought we were prolific, but we've got nothing on the wrold's hackers, who are creating 57,000 new fake web addresses every week.

Hapless search engines distribute malware

Did you know that search engines such as Bing and social networks like Twitter are chronic distributors of nefarious malware?

Europeans slam Facebook over privacy policy

A European group known as the "Article 29 Working Party" has harshly criticized Facebook for its recent decision to alter the site's data privacy policy.