Russian search engine to offer Twitter feed

Russia's leading search engine, Yandex, has teamed up with Twitter to offer the full firehose of public tweets worldwide.

Mozilla renews search deal with Google

Google will be the default search engine for Mozilla's Firefox for a further three years, following the extension of the deal between the two.

Google to include Facebook comments in search results

Facebook comments will soon appear in Google search results.

MC Hammer to launch search engine

Yes, you read that right. Rapper MC Hammer has announced plans to launch a search engine called WireDoo.

Google wants to find "what you love"

On Tuesday Google released a tool that digs through the Internet to bring you the answer to the question "What do you love?"

Blekko search engine takes Wiki approach

Undaunted by the experiences of Cuil, Clusty and many other hopefuls, another brave company is launching a new search engine. This time, the selling point is that it's a crowd-sourced affair which uses real live people to filter results.

Yahoo Japan teams with Google, not Bing, for search technology

Yahoo Japan has decided not to follow Yahoo Inc in moving to use Microsoft's Bing as its search engine, and has signed a deal with Google instead.

Google crashes and burns with home page shakeup

When users went to this morning, something looked a bit different - quite a bit different in fact - causing a full-scale outrage like never before.

Google upgrades search engine with refined UI

Google has upgraded its popular search engine with a refined user interface (UI)  that allows users to fully experience the "increasing richness" of the web.

ThoughtCrime protects users from Big Brother Google

Thoughtcrime Labs and The Institute For Disruptive Studies have launched an anonymizing proxy service to protect users from the Lidless Eye of Big Brother Google.

Google undinged by Bing

Google has 65% of the search market and everyone else is pushing rocks uphill.

Bing hits all-time high

Microsoft's Bing search engine took 12.5% of all search engine requests across the globe in February, a new record for the "decision engine."