Mozilla's Firefox 5 goes live

Mozilla has launched a new version of its flagship Firefox browser for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Microsoft showcases next-gen SDKs for WP7 and Kinect

Microsoft is showcasing the next version of its Windows Phone SDK at MIX11.

Microsoft gives props to Kinect modders

It seems as if Microsoft has finally realized that embracing the modding community is likely to help increase sales of the already popular Xbox 360 Kinect 3D motion controller.

Rumor: Android Gingerbread SDK launch imminent

Google is reportedly putting the finishing touches on its streamlined Android Gingerbread SDK, which could launch as early as next week.

Aliens swarm onto Steam

Alien Swarm has arrived on Steam in all of its top-down glory. The game - which is available free of charge - features a "unique blend" of co-op play along with squad-level tactics.

Qualcomm merges reality and cyberspace in Android mesh

Qualcomm is helping mobile developers merge reality and cyberspace with its upcoming release of an augmented reality platform and accompanying SDK for Android-based devices.

Aava debuts X86 SDK for Android developers

Aava Mobile has introduced a hardware-enhanced SDK targeted at Android developers writing apps for Morestown-powered tablets and smartphones.

New SDK makes it easy to program iPhone games on Windows

Budding iPhone developers who think it's too cumbersome to buy a Mac and learn a new variant of the C++ language to program for the iPhone, can finally create apps from the comfort of their Windows PC.

It's not Game over yet at GDC

Ahh, the sweet smell of stale pizza and the fizzy sound of a refreshing, if disturbingly urine like, diet Mountain Dew being cracked open.