Japan Display touts 12-inch, 4K screen for notebooks and tablets

Japan Display has debuted a 12.1 inch, 3840 x 2160 pixel display targeted at next-gen notebooks and tablets.

Apple tests iWatch with flexible screen

Apple's reported to be working on a smart watch boasting a curved touchscreen and running iOS.

Report: New iPad mini to boast high-res retina display

The Apple rumor mill is churning again with reports that the next-generation iPad mini will boast a significantly higher resolution display than the current model. 

'X-ray specs' for visible light

Researchers from the Netherlands and Italy have succeeded in making sharp pictures of objects hidden behind an opaque screen.

Foldable e-reader screen developed

Low-power, foldable electronic devices are starting to look like a realistic prospect, thanks to the development of a paper-thin screen made of plastic.

Latest binaries may fix (some) Nexus 7 tablet issues

Google's Nexus 7 is currently one of the most popular Android tablets on the market.

Why screen use keeps you awake

It's long been known that using a screen right before bed can make it harder to sleep - and, now, the reason for this has become clearer.

New iPad wins love from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports - which hated the iPhone 4 when it launched last summer - has given the new iPad top rating.

Apple cuts profit margin with new iPad

Apple's making a smaller profit on its new iPads than on the previous model, a teardown by research firm iSuppli indicates.

Bigger is better, say phone users

So what do you think is the perfect size? An inch or so bigger than you've got at the moment? Then join the club.

Users complain of discolored iPhone 4S screen

Do stop me if you've heard this one before... but customers are complaining that their shiny new iPhone 4Ss are suffering from a yellowish screen.

Honeycomb update to fix screen resize issues

Google is prepping a Honeycomb update that is expected to fix screen resize issues on various Android tablets.

Digital technology can be romantic as well as practical

Artists and engineers have joined forces to show that digital technology can be both romantic and practical.

Man controls Times Square screen with iPhone - for real

Just a week ago, a hoax video was doing the rounds purporting to show the hacking of a Times Square advertising screen using an iPhone as a remote control. But now a Canadian man claims to have done it for real.

Move over touchpads - and bring on the thought-pad

New research funded by the National Institutes of Health shows that people can manipulate complex visual images on a computer screen using only the mind.

Blizzard codes Starcraft 2 overheating fix

Is Starcraft 2 causing your gaming rig or laptop to overheat? Well, you may be able to cool that blazing system down with just two simple lines of code.

Discolored screen, scratches on the back: anyone for an iPhone 4?

The awe-inspiring beauty of the new iPhone 4 is looking a little faded, with reports of yellow patches on the screen and an easily scratched casing.

Screen "issues" hit Evo 4G and Droid Incredible

The Evo 4G and Droid Incredible have reportedly been hit with a number of screen-related "issues."

iPhone 4G pics hit the 'Net

Explicit pictures of a lost prototype iPhone 4G allegedly found in a Redwood City bar have hit the 'Net.

Skeptical Sony questions Nintendo 3DS announcement

A skeptical Sony spokesperson has questioned the logic of Nintendo's decision to market a 3D handheld device.