WikiLeaks founder handed extradition letter

Julian Assange may be holed up at the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he is seeking political asylum, but that hasn't stopped British law enforcement officials from serving him a letter of extradition.

'TeamPoison spokesman' arrested in UK

A British teenager has been arrested on suspicion of being the spokesperson for TeamPoison, the hacking group that's attacked websites belonging to Mark Zuckerberg, Nicolas Sarkozy and Scotland Yard itself.

Boys arrested over terrorist hotline 'hack'

Two teenage boys have been arrested in the UK over the hacking of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist hotline.

LulzSec's Kayla believed under arrest

Two men have been charged in the UK in connection with hacking attacks from Anonymous and LulzSec, and a further two have been arrested - one of whom may be one of LulzSec's most active members.

Scotland Yard tries to take on Anonymous

The British Metropolitan police - aka Scotland Yard - has issued a public warning to UK cyber activists linked to the Anonymous collective.