Ricoh develops dual-format HD laser

The battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD to control the high-definition DVD market could be solved by a laser that can read the two competing formats.

A chat with Michael Dell: Alienware and XPS to stay separate

  Grapevine (TX) - While custom PC builder Alienware may benefit from the much-increased purchasing power of its new corporate parent, Dell Computer, the development tracks of the two companies will remain separate.

Taiwan LCD panel makers eying twisted nematic technology to lower TV panel costs

Several Taiwan-based panel makers are planning to roll out new TV panels for the entry-level segment based on twisted nematic (TN) technology in the second half of this year, with the goal of boosting demand in developing markets for 30"-and-under TV panels, sources said.

Firefox usage up, IE usage down - report, an Amsterdam-based web research firm, says global use of the Firefox browser has increased 1.14 percent since May 2006, while Internet Explorer usage fell 2.12 percent during the same time. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still holds the top spot with 83.05% of the market versus the 12.93% of Firefox. Regional market share show similar numbers except for Australia and Germany which have much higher Firefox usage.

Streetdeck Car Computer makes you want to be stuck in traffic

Fontana (CA) - Being stuck in traffic is a hated situation commonly experienced by city dwellers, but Streetdeck is selling car computer software that makes those painful waits more enjoyable. The Streetdeck software helps drivers find destinations with voice-prompted GPS navigation along with playing back music, videos and pictures, which is in line with the company's motto of "Pray You Get Stuck in Traffic".

Notebook makers see demand pick up after CPU price cuts

Compal Electronics and Wistron posted on-month revenue growth in June, following sequential slides for two consecutive months.

X-rays create 3D image of the inside of nanocrystals

Roland Piquepaille writes in on his Technology Trends website about a new approach that could show scientists a way to create three-dimensional photographs of actual molecules: Researchers from the University College London say that they were able to create full 3D images of the inside of nanocrystals by using a process known as coherent X-ray diffraction imaging.

First stage of NYC 'WiFi in the Parks' project finally underway

Nokia announced this morning it has reached an agreement with the New York City Parks and Recreation Dept. to become a "primary provider" of mobile multimedia services for 18 locations throughout ten public parks.

Moms catching up with dads for electronic gifts

Market research firm NPD Group says Mother's Day gadget buying is catching up with Father's Day. Sons, daughters and husbands purchased over $865 million dollars in gadget gifts for mom, while $873 million in gadgets were purchased for fathers day.

Mouse potatoes and googling go mainstream

Mouse potatoes joined couch potatoes, google officially became a verb and drama queens finally found the limelight on Thursday when they crossed over from popular culture to mainstream English language.

Ebay bans Google Checkout, for now

Checkout, Google's idea how to pay for goods and services on the Internet, has been added to Ebay's "not permitted" list of payment methods.

"Ride" the Tour de France without breaking a sweat on Google Earth

Mountain View (CA) - Experience the Tour de France cycling race from a somewhat elevated position and the comfort of your office chair: Google has released a new KML file for Google Earth that lets users see all the stages of the race in 2D and 3D. Google Earth Tour de France plug-in

Prices for 17" LCD panels stabilize in H1 July

The average selling price (ASP) of 17" LCD-monitor panels has stabilized during the first half of July, while prices for LCD-TV panels have continued to decline during the period, according to WitsView Technology.

ArF laser light source to enable production of sub-45 nm semiconductors

Cymer, a supplier of deep ultraviolet (DUV) laser light sources currently used in semiconductor manufacturing, today unveiled what the firm claims to be the world's first argon fluoride (ArF) laser light source for 45 nm production immersion photolithography.

Sophos recommends Macs for home users

Computer users tired of spyware and viruses should consider switching to Macintosh computers, says Sophos in its new "Security Threat Management Report." The report ranks the top ten malware threats of the past six months along with outline current and future security threats.

Konica Minolta claims OLED breakthrough

Konica Minolta has developed an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) device with a brightness of 1,000 cd/m2 and an expected lifetime of about 10,000 hours.

Seagate thinks "leaky" drives may lead to more capacity

According to a patent application filed by Seagate, nanotubes soaked with lubricant may lead to drastic increases in hard drive capacity. The application titled "Magnetic recording system with continuous lubrication of recording media", outlines an ingenious system where lubricant is evaporated from nanotubes and then deposited on the magnetic media of the drive.

Volkswagen does 150 mph - driver optional

Volkswagen is testing a robotic Golf GTi that blazes through the racetrack at up to 150 miles per hour. Using a combination of radar and laser sensors, along with a GPS system, the car is accurate to within an inch. VW engineers claim the car can drive faster and better than them at the test track in northern Germany.

Europe warms to OpenDocument format

OpenDocument Format initiatives in Belgium, France, and Denmark indicate growing support for the for office productivity application format standard, according to the ODF Alliance.

Survey says US school rapidly transitioning to notebooks

A study conducted by the Hayes Connection and The Greaves Group among 2500 US school districts concludes that more than half of all student-computing devices will be mobile by the year 2011.