Las Vegas braces for computer security gurus

Las Vegas (NV) - Thousands of computer security gurus and hackers are returning to Las Vegas this week for the Blackhat and Defcon conventions. Defcon's new home hotel, the Riviera, is bracing for computer problems and appears to have taken some pre-emptive action. Day 0 slide show of Blackhat 2006 ... founder launches senior citizen social networking site founder Jeff Taylor is launching a new social networking site for senior citizens. The site,, is for anyone aged 50 and up and will have tips on love, finances and health. Members can also create and share their important moments with an online "Lifemap".

Software meshes photos to create 3D landscape

Software that automatically stitches together hundreds of photographs to create a virtual world that can be explored using a computer is to be released by Microsoft.

3-D software for 'virtual surgery'

Computer scientists at Brigham Young University (BYU) have developed a new software tool to perform 'virtual surgery.'

Firefox hits 200 million downloads

Mozilla announced that the Firefox web browser has been downloaded more than 200 million times since its launch in November of 2004. And Firefox isn't slowing down: The latest 50 million downloads were added in a record time of less than five months.

Prices for 37" LCD TVs may fall below $1000 by year-end

Prices for low-end 37" LCD TVs may fall below $1,000 before year-end and the 37" segment will see its share rise significantly throughout the period, according to Hsiung Hui, executive vice president of AU Optronics (AUO), who spoke at a recent investors conference.

PMA: Flat panel TV shipments in North America rise 9% in June

Shipments for flat panel TVs and business displays in North America rose 9% on month, but the average street price dropped nearly 6% in June over the previous month, according to research firm Pacific Media Associates (PMA).

Global large-size panel shipments up 5% in Q2

Global large-size panel shipments increased 5% to 61.5 million units in the second quarter of this year, boosted mainly by TV panel sales with a 12% sequential growth and a 6% increase in monitor panel sales, according to research firm WitsView Technology.

"I heard a small poof:" The story of a Dell on fire

Vernon Hills (IL) - It began with a soft pop and then turned into a one hot and blazing notebook: Henrik Gustavvson saw one of his firm's Dell computers bursting into flames and documented the events. The story, first published in the Tom's Hardware Forumz, have become an Internet sensation - reason enough for TG Daily to learn more about the story behind the pictures.

Supply of blue-laser pick-up heads expected to be short in Q4

The production of blue-laser pick-up heads (PUHs) by only a few makers, including Pioneer, Philips, Hitachi and Sony, is insufficient to meet increasing global demand for blue-laser DVD players, recorders, drives and burners, and the shortage is expected to be significant in the fourth quarter of this year, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

Graphics power is key to playing HD videos on a PC

Chicago (IL) - Games may not be the only applications anymore that create an incentive for buying a faster graphics card. HD DVD and Blu-ray videos require enormous processing power to decode codecs and overwhelm virtually all CPUs available today. So, how much does it take to make HD look good on a PC screen? TG Daily got a first impression at an exclusive meeting with Nvidia.

TG Daily interviews Intel Senior VP: "Core is changing the game"

If you aren't excited about computers these days, you probably never will. Personally, I can't recall a time in which it was more intriguing to follow the events in the micro processor industry than today. The fact that AMD was able to sneak up on Intel and slap the giant left and right has brought us an unprecedented phase of innovation and value: I'd argue that there never has been more incentive to buy a new PC than later this year or in early 2007.

Large-size LCD-panel shipments decrease 2.4% in June

Worldwide large-size panel shipments decreased 2.4% sequentially to 20.3 million units in June, mainly as a result of weak sales in the TV and monitor segments, which saw a 4.2% and 3.1% drop to 4.11 million and 10.45 million units, respectively, according to WitsView Technology.

Spammers use images to avoid spam filters

Security software firm Sophos has published an updated version of its "dirty dozen" list of spam relaying countries. Among the main trends during the second quarter are image files that are used by spammers to dodge spam filters and a potential roadblock for the U.S. to reduce the amount of spam messages.

ASP for handset-use LEDs falls more than 20%

Taiwan LED manufacturers are aggressively seeking more profits by focusing on products used in digital camera flashes and MP3 players, as the average selling price (ASP) of SMD LEDs used in mobile phones has fallen significantly since early this year.

Prices for 20" LCD TV panels now cheaper than similarly sized monitor panels

Quotes for 20" LCD TV panels have fallen to less than monitor panels of the same size, according to industry sources, noting that 20" LCD TVs are now even priced less than some 20" monitors in the Taiwan market.

AMD: We won't be another Intel

Sunnyvale (CA) - With the acquisition of ATI, AMD will have all the pieces in place to evolve from a processor manufacturer into a platform company and go head to head with Intel in more markets - especially in the business desktop and notebook segments. But AMD claims that it is approach will be different from Intel and allow third-party firms - such as Nvidia - to access its platforms.

Global PDP shipments rose 3% in Q2

Global PDP (plasma display panel) shipments rose only 3% sequentially in the second quarter of 2006 to 2.4 million panels, according to research firm DisplaySearch, noting that the growth was 8% slower than PDP manufacturers' aggregate forecasts.

Prices for 19" LCD monitor panels to rise $3-5 in August

Due to back-to-school and year-end holiday demand, the average selling price (ASP) for 19" LCD monitor panels is expected to increase $3-5 next month, according to Taiwan-based panel and system makers.

Comic-Con 2006: Video games lure Comic fans

San Diego (CA) - Would you like a computer case with that issue of Batman? The 37th annual Comic-Con comic book convention kicked off in San Diego and it isn't just about comics anymore. Now, traditional paper comics must compete for attention with computer hardware companies and video game developers. TG Daily strolled through the exhibit halls and found many familiar companies playing their wares.