Growth of Internet slows considerably in September

Following a period of huge gains in new hostnames, the growth of the Internet took a break in September and added just 1.08 million new addresses - which is about only one fourth of the increase that was seen in recent months.

A plane spike to cut sonic boom

Back in 2004, NASA engineers worked with DARPA to reduce the sonic boom intensity in order to develop silent supersonic planes. Now, they're teaming with Gulfstream Aerospace on a project named Quiet Spike to reduce sonic booms. They've put a 24-foot-long lance-like spike weighing 470 pounds on the nose of an F-15B aircraft.

Google Code Search peers into programs' flaws

Security professionals warned developers on Thursday that they need to be aware that their open-source repositories can now be easily mined, allowing attackers to target programs that are likely to be flawed.

Vista a 'threat' to the national security of India

Windows Vista could well be the world's most expensive piece of spyware, reckons a blogger.

High-def media to dominate home video market by 2012

Monterey (CA) - It will take high-definition media - HD DVD and Blu-ray - another six years to surpass the revenues generated by standard definition DVDs, a market forecast suggests. Even with sales that are estimated to come in at less than $100 million this year, the battle between the two HD formats has begun to show a negative impact on the video industry.

Orange County Auto Show: What gadgets do your $$$ buy today?

Anaheim (CA) - Not too long ago, car navigation systems and LCD screens turned heads, but today car electronics are quite common and no longer attract much attention. Many of the new 2007 model year cars on display at Orange County Auto Show in had some type of gizmo installed. Join us for a visit on the showfloor to see how car interiors of $30,000 to $100,000 cars look today.

Microsoft's next Office file format reaches final draft status

Microsoft Blogger Brian Jones today announced that the final draft of Office Open XML, Microsoft's default file format in the upcoming Office 2007 productivity suite has been approved within the framework of the standardization body of Ecma.

Monitor panel prices expected to increase by 3-5% in H1 October

After a significant price increase for PC-monitor panels last month, quotes for the segment will continue to grow in the first half of October, according to WitsView Technology, a Taiwan-based market research firm.

Sun to hold press conference in Second Life

Sun Microsystems announced today that they are going to enter the online virtual world known as Second Life, and will mark their presence by presenting what they are calling the first press conference to be held in Second Life by a Fortune 500 company.

CPU price/performance update: AMD undercuts Intel on the low end

Chicago (IL) - In the past few weeks, quite dramatic price reductions in the retails space had time to calm down: Intel's Core 2 Duo is shipping in volume and AMD adjusted its prices to react to the new market environment. Time for an update of our price/performance chart series, just before the launch of Intel's quad-core chip and AMD's 4x4 platform.

Robot whiskers sense shapes and textures

Artificial whiskers that mimic the way rats and seals sense their prey might one day let planetary rovers or uncrewed submarines explore the shape and texture of strange objects they encounter on their travels.

Starbucks brings Hear Music catalog to Apple's Itunes

Starbucks and Apple Comptuer on Thursday announced the availability of the Starbucks Hear Music catalog on the iTunes Store, giving iTunes users the ability to preview, buy and download a wide variety of Starbucks popular Hear Music titles.

Foley scandal provides plenty of material for humor on the Internet

Batavia (IL) - Political scandals have been around for ages, but with the Internet they can quickly morph into a cultural phenomenon. No doubt you've heard Representative Mark Foley's lurid instant messages to a congressional page, but did you know that bloggers and other enterprising people have made videos and produced Flash games lampooning the scandal?

Single-pixel camera could simplify imaging

A single-pixel camera that captures complete images by taking many snaps with an array of micro-mirrors could consume less power and produce more compact image files than conventional imaging devices, researchers say.

Linux not ready for mobile phones, Nokia exec says

Linux has not reached maturity as a mobile phone OS, Nokia's head of corporate strategy, Jarkko Sairanen, reportedly said recently. Cited shortcomings include a fragmented implementation landscape that keeps developers away, and too large a memory footprint.

Will 17" give way to 19" widescreen LCD monitor panels?

With 19" widescreen panels generating higher profits than 17" standard panels, research firms and panel makers are projecting different degrees of replacement of the 17" panels by the 19" widescreen segment.

Mobile display shipments to hit 1.2 billion units in 2006

With a wide variety of mobile phone models with multimedia capabilities now in the market, all vying to attract the interest of consumers, iSuppli forecasts that shipments of mobile handset displays will reach 1.2 billion units in 2006, up 17% from 1.05 billion units in 2005, according to the research firm.

Notebook panel prices unlikely to rise further, notebook makers say

Notebook makers said recently it is unlikely that prices for 14" to 15.4" notebook panels will continue rising despite tight supply for the segments.

Google launches literacy project to link resources

Google unveiled on Wednesday a Web site dedicated to literacy, pulling together its books, video, mapping and blogging services to help teachers and educational organizations share reading resources.

Social networking sites a ticking security time bomb, study indicates

Islandia (NY) - Social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook may pose more security risks than physical threats such as sexual predators contacting kids and teenagers. A survey raises the concern that fraud, identity theft and computer spyware and viruses combined with negligent user behavior could flourish on social networking sites.