Atmospheric CO2 hasn't increased for 150 years

In contradiction to perceived wisdom, the airborne fraction of carbon dioxide hasn't increased during the last five decades, or, indeed, for the last 150 years, claims new research

Russia determined to save Earth from asteroid

But rules out nuclear strike

Canadian government shuts 4,500 websites

Blame Canada

NASA mulls three mission proposals

Osiris-Rex, SAGE or MoonRise

New captcha technique could foil robot hackers

Scientists at Tel Aviv University are working on a new captcha technology which they reckon will be harder for robot hackers to bypass. The new system relies on people's ability to recognise objects when they move, even though they may be much harder to see when stationary.

Australian government to tag great whites

I wouldn't fancy the job

Japanese scientists create transparent goldfish

A see-through alternative to classroom dissections

Genetics influences political party loyalty

Some people are just born right

Running robots modeled on cockroaches

They'll outlast us

Grow your own teeth

March of the molars Scientists say people will soon be able to replace lost teeth by growing new ones. A 'bud' of cells capable of growing into a new tooth will be implanted where the missing one used to be. The procedure can be performed under local anesthetic and the new tooth grows within a few months of the cells being implanted.

Best Christmas Present Ever!

A yacht, a freakin' yacht. Suck it poor people!

Ignore the experts when making New Year's resolutions

They're rubbish, says professor

People can show synaesthesia without knowing it

This article is brought to you by the colour red

Neuroscientists store memories in slices of brain tissue

Is your memory as good as a dead rat's?

Oxford pub of the decade revealed

Review This one has got everything, bar none

A decade in IT: the misery continues

Part two of our essential guide to the noughties

A decade in IT - it's been good. And bad.

First decade of the 21st century shows some clear winners. And some unclear winners, maybe even losers

Cure for cancer found?

Forget about the Big C

Sun and moon trigger tremors beneath San Andreas fault

Everybody, walk on tiptoes

Angels can't fly

But tough fairies can