Surprise, surprise: boys who watch porn have crap relationships

Boys who watch porn are more likely to think sexual harassment is acceptable and less likely to form successful relationships when they get older.

Aliens might be bug-eyed monsters after all

A nervous astronomer from the UK's Royal Observatory in Greenwich warns that we should be jolly careful about contacting extra-terrestrials because they could turn out to be more Alien than ET.

Levitating magnet provides new nuclear fusion technique

A new experiment to reproduce planetary magnetic fields could be an important step towards nuclear fusion.

Even in Space, they can still hear you Tweet

It seems that even twits have managed to reach the final frontier, with NASA astronaut T.J. Creamer sending out the first live tweet all the way from the dead of space – or at least from the comfort of the International Space Station.

NASA gives global warming theory a boost

It's one of the most controversial subjects on earth, but if data from NASA is to be believed, the past decade on the planet has been the warmest ever.

Genetic tool tracks superbug transmission

A new genetic analysis tool can distinguish between strains of the deadly superbug MRSA, and even identify when and where in the world each strain arose.

Severe hurricanes 'set to double this century'

US hurricane damage will rise by a third this century, a new climate study concludes.

Missionary position is bad for your health

Too much sex can give you carpal tunnel syndrome, according to a researcher - and, yes, he's talking about sex with other people.

Jeans double as rechargeable batteries

In response, presumably, to massive public demand, scientists have developed a way to recharge cellphones and the like by plugging them into your clothing.

Study blames Asia for US ozone pollution

With what some may see as jaw-dropping cheek, a new government-funded study of ozone pollution in western North America has concluded that it's all Asia's fault.  

Public to choose NASA's Mars photo targets

The only time most of us get to commission photos is at our wedding, so NASA's offer to snap pics of Mars on request is quite an opportunity.

Txtspk hlps kdz spell

It flies in the face of all common sense, but apparently texting is actually good for kids' spelling.

ESO releases new image of Cat's Paw Nebula

The European Southern Observatory has amalgamated images from its La Silla observatory in Chile to produce the best pictures yet of the Cat's Paw Nebula.

Fishy invasion threatens Great Lakes

Asian carp DNA has been found in Lake Michigan for the first time, raising fears that they could devastate the Great Lakes' delicate ecology - and commercial fishing interests, of course.

Space agency plans satellites for solar energy and forest monitoring

EADS Astrium - Europe's biggest space company - is working on satellites to supply solar energy from space and monitor deforestation on Earth.

Plasma jets could replace the dentist's drill

The dentist's drill could soon be a thing of the past. Plasma jets could be just as effective at cleaning out decayed teeth - and a damn sight less painful.

Monkeys can do math

First it's chatty dolphins, now it's mathematical monkeys. They can add, subtract and make decisions on the basis of their calculations, new research shows.

DoD looks to snails for new armor

The Army and the Department of Defense are funding work on a new type of armor inspired by an unusual snail shell.

Nanoparticles could replace stents for heart patients

Patients with heart disease could soon be treated without stents, thanks to tiny nanoparticles that can home in on damaged tissue and release drugs.

Sun, sea, sand and err, airplane fuel?

From the you couldn't make it up department comes news that you can make airplane fuel from seawater and sand.