Commerce Department creates new climate office

The US Commerce Department is to set up an office to provide data on climate change to businesses and communities.

Beer is good for the bones

You can add a daily pint of beer to your health-giving glass of red wine. A new study has found that it's brilliant for increasing bone density and warding off osteoporosis, especially in women. Hic!

Scientists identify genetic causes of ageing

Next time somebody compliments you on your youthful good looks, don't  give your moisturizer the credit - it doesn't work, and you're really not worth it.

Hubble reveals best pictures yet of Pluto

The latest set of pictures from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope provide the most detailed images yet of Pluto.

NASA builds new generation robot astronaut

NASA and General Motors have jointly developed a new robot designed to help astronauts - and build cars on the side.

'Vegetative' patient communicates via brain scan

Patients in a so-called vegetative state have been shown to be conscious, and one has been enabled to communicate via an MRI scan.

Nanoparticles can strip out human cancer cells

Scientists have successfully used magnetic nanoparticles to capture and remove cancer cells from human tissue.

Why John Wayne always won

It's gunfight time at the University of Birmingham, where scientists have been investigating how quick people are off the draw.

Heavy internet use linked to depression

Take a deep breath, count to ten and pull yourself together. And turn that damned machine off.

Sea rise monitoring satellite approved

Europe has approved the development of a new spacecraft to continue monitoring the rise in the world's oceans.

We are all aliens, says professor

Evidence is now overwhelming that life on earth was brought here by comets, according to one of the originators of the theory.

New compound fights multiple viruses

A new broad spectrum antiviral could be used against HIV-1, Nipah, Ebola and other deadly viruses.

The World is disappearing, says NASA

The World is gradually melting away, according to the latest pictures from NASA's Earth Observatory.

White roofs could cut city temperatures

Painting roofs white really could cool cities significantly and help mitigate global warming, a new study suggests.

Spiderman device could let people walk up walls

You too can walk up walls like Spiderman, thanks to a new device invented by Cornell scientists.

Google Chrome takes market share from Firefox and IE

Google Chrome has managed to capture at least 5 percent of the browser market share from rivals Internet Explorer and Firefox.

RNA research leads to paleontology without fossils

As long as 600 million years ago, our tiny marine ancestors may have had a sophisticated brain that released hormones into the blood and was connected to various sensory organs.

California appoints itself guardian of the moon

It's not in California, it's not even on planet Earth, but that hasn't prevented the California State Historical Resources Commission from claiming the Apollo 11 landing site a state historical resource.

Probe will warn of solar storms

NASA will next week launch a new spacecraft designed to help predict the sun's complex weather and storms.

Talking bans on handhelds don't cut accident rates

A US study reviewing laws that ban the use of handheld phones while driving has come up with a surprising result - accident rates are the same as if they are used.