Is truth stranger than fiction? Yes, especially for science fiction

From warp drives to hyperspace, science fiction has continuously borrowed from, and sometimes anticipated, the state of the art in scientific progress. This has resulted in the perception that science and science fiction have a causal relationship, one finding direction from and fulfilling the science fantasy laid out before it.

Snowpiercer: you thought your morning commute was bad

Bong Joon-Ha, the Korean director, has given us Mother, The Host and now, Snowpiercer. The concept art for this movie blew us away. The cast includes Chris Evans, John Hurt, Tidla Swinton, Alison Pill and Octavia Spencer. The most recent trailer makes the far reaching concept look pretty exciting. Could this be the first breakthrough for one of the talents of the recent wave of Korean film maestros?

This research center is straight out of a science fiction movie

If you stay up to date on green design and architecture, you read a lot of posts about futuristic designs where no poster (except maybe the original designer) seems to have a clue whether the “project” has an actual client with a budget or is simply a designer playing computer games with his or her fantasies.

AMC green lights Line of Site sci-fi series

AMC certainly boasts a respectable lineup of shows on its network roster, including the wildly popular Walking Dead and Mad Men.

Video: "Hybrids" short is classic sci-fi

Anyone who routinely watches short films or fan made projects on YouTube knows all too well that most end up falling rather short.

This gigantic LEGO alien city has 200,000 bricks

Quite a lot of us never really gave up building with our beloved Lego bricks. Then again, most of probably never spent the time or effort designing a gigantic custom project.

Dark Horse Comics adapts original '74 Star Wars script

Like many of you, I was a child of the 80s who really liked science fiction, so you can bet  I grew up on everything Star Wars.

Neal Stephenson's Reamde headed to Fox

I am a fan of quality science fiction-action TV shows. However, I'm not exactly thrilled with Fox because the network has a long history of hyping genre shows and then unceremoniously canceling them.

Doctor Who’s Ice Warriors, old and new

Classic Ice Warriors remade. Fresh Ice Warriors revealed.

Video: Project S.E.R.A. is infected with zombies

A new web series dubbed Project S.E.R.A.has surfaced. The production is of exceptionally hight quality, and I can even see this project adopted by a network like SyFy in the future.

Video: Voice Over film can't decide what it's about

Sometimes short indie films are bizarre and make little sense to the masses.

Cities in the Sky seeks to credit lost sci-fi visionaries

It’s no secret of history that many scientific and social advances were seen first in the pages of science fiction, and this project seeks to show you the ones most of us don’t know about.

Video: The True Skin sci-fi short

We've seen some fairly interesting short films this year in the science fiction and fantasy genres, including Archetype back in February. 

Why science fiction should be taught in the classroom

Science fiction and genre movies are extremely popular amongst high school students around the world.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek - the ultimate galactic battle

Remember those endless newsgroup threads about the two most famous competing sci-fi universes: Star Wars vs. Star Trek?  

DRM bot shuts down sci-fi awards broadcast

An awards ceremony streamed over the weekend by Ustream abruptly went black because a digital rights management tool used by the company reckoned copyright was being infringed and automatically shut it down.

Lego Serenity pays tribute to Firefly

We obviously get all giddy around here when a geek builds something truly momentous and amazing out of ordinary Lego bricks.

Behind the mysteries of Falling Skies

I'm huge fan of the TNT science fiction series Falling Skies which is finally back on the air and even better than before.

After Earth plot synopsis surfaces ahead of Comic-Con

Jaden Smith has been in several major movies already, including Karate Kid and The Pursuit of Happiness.

Emmerich's Hell trailer is post-apocalyptic

Roland Emmerich is perhaps best known for directing The Day After Tomorrow and 2012. The veteran Hollywood director's latest project? A new film aptly dubbed "Hell."