Sex ed sparks controversy in NYC

Parents in New York City are upset over a new sex ed curriculum that some consider too bawdy. And they may be right.

The devastating effects of secondhand smoke

A new study has concluded that children exposed to tobacco smoke at home miss more time in school than those who live in smoke-free environments.

Student steals passwords to bump up his grades

A former student from Orange County, California, has admitted carrying out a series of break-ins and hacks to improve his grades.

Tablet prototype needs no external power supply

Indian school-children are testing a solar-powered tablet PC being developed by Rice University and Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Parents to be notified if their child was victim of webcam spying

As progress is made to the investigation of the unbelievable webcam spying case at the Lower Merion school district, parents will soon be notified if their children were in any of the 56,000 images that were secretly captured.

Vice Principal denies spying on students with laptop webcams

A Pennsylvania-area school district official has called a press conference to vehemently deny charges of spying on students with remotely activated webcams.