The Warriors Has a Birthday

Released in 1979, The Warriors didn’t have a long theatrical life, but it’s become a beloved cult film from video and cable. It’s hard to believe it’s 35 years old, but it’s now celebrating that anniversary.

The Wolf of Wall Street: F Bombs Away!

Scarface hit its 30th anniversary last year, and one of the many things it’s known for is how many times the word f*ck is uttered. Reports vary as to how many times the F bomb is dropped throughout the film, in some scenes it’s hard to hear over the music, but it’s certainly in the two hundred range. 

Scarface Turns 30

We hear about anniversaries all the time that make us feel old, and here’s the latest one that shocked us…Can you believe Scarface is 30?

The Avengers box set is coming this September

There are some box sets that are so unwieldy and expensive, you often wonder who’s going to buy them.

Scarface will never die

The classic film is still two years away from its 30th anniversary. Yet, it seems like Scarface is a holiday that's celebrated every day. 

Do we really need another Scarface?

When the remakes of Scarface and The Thing came out in 1983 and 1982 respectively, audiences were appalled by the violence of both films.

Celebrating Scarface on Blu-ray

Considering that so many people now love Scarface, it's hard to believe the movie was actually deemed a flop when it first hit theaters in December 1983. 

Scarface: F bombs over Miami

Recently there've been a number of sing along events for the whole family,  where you can go see the film and join in with the music.

Limited edition Scarface Blu-ray set will cost $1000

Would you pay $1,000 for the ultimate collector's edition of Scarface?