FTC nabs more scareware scammers

Flushed with success from successfully closing a 'scareware' case on Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission has succeeded in getting six more such outfits closed down.

Woman fined $163 million for scareware

After a four-year slog, the Federal Trade Commission has succeeded in extracting $1.63 million from a 'scareware' marketer, finally closing its first such case.

On the Twilight computer curse

Who's sick and tired of Twilight? Actually, the question should be who isn't sick and tired of the Twilight series. 

Let's hope there's no reboot, or a new series of books based on the characters when the frachise finally finishes up.

'Child porn' scareware hits Canada

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has issued a warning about scammers who claim that a user's PC is associated with child porn, and demand money to fix the problem.

Automated Skype calls spread scareware

Digital denizens have apparently kicked off a campaign to spread malware and scareware via automated, unsolicited Skype calls.

FBI busts massive scareware rings

The Department of Justice and the FBI say they've nabbed two scareware gangs believed to have netted more than $74 million.

Apple owns up to malware attacks and promises fix - soon

Somewhat belatedly, perhaps, Apple has admitted that its OS X operating system is being targeted by the MacDefender fake security software, and is taking steps to combat it.