Saudi Arabia confirms Skype to be censored

Saudi Arabia’s watchdog has claimed that Skype and Whatsapp flout Saudi Arabia's telecom laws.

New 'Sars-like' respiratory illness identified

The World Health Organization has issued an international alert after the discovery of a new respiratory illness similar to the Sars virus which swept the world in 2002.

Anti-Islam film prompts more YouTube blackouts

YouTube is extending its block on the trailer for the anti-Islam film The Innocence of Muslims to more countries, as international outrage increases.

Hackers hit UAE Central Bank website

Israeli hackers downed the website administered by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates on Thursday as the financial institution hosted European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi.

Security analyst details TASE hack

Monday’s cyber attack against websites administered by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and El Al (Israel Airlines) reportedly exploited thousands of local devices which were used as remote "zombie" bots.

U.S. operatives smuggle satellite phones into Syria

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia are smuggling thousands of satellite phones into Syria.

No, the Saudi king is not buying Facebook

Dozens of middle eastern newspapers and blogs have falled for a spoof article suggesting that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is planning to buy Facebook.

Archeologist discovers thousands of ancient sites - on Google Earth

The trouble with being an archaeologist is that it's actually quite hard work. It tends to involve quite a bit of digging stuff up, often under a baking desert sun.

Saudi Arabia bans blogging without a licence

Freedom of speech organizations are condemning a decision by the Saudi Arabian government to force all online ewspapers and bloggers to register with the Ministry of Culture and Information.

India to Blackberry: You have until August 31

Indian officials have officially struck Blackberry with an ultimatum: provide the government with access to secure Blackberry servers or service to millions of India citizens will be cut off.

Saudi Arabia lifts ban on Blackberry, details uncertain

After the high-profile ban on Blackberry service throughout the entire country of Saudi Arabia began to make waves, the phone's manufacturer has apparently been cooperative with state leaders.

Saudi Arabia to ban Blackberry Messenger on Friday

Unless Research In Motion is able to do something in the eleventh hour, it is going to face a devastating blow in the Middle East as Saudi Arabia has ordered that all Blackberry Messenger service must be cut.

Obama criticizes Middle East Blackberry ban

The Obama administration has criticized the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for threatening to ban certain BlackBerry smartphone services.

Project Natal to launch in October

Microsoft's Project Natal motion-sensing games controller for the Xbox 360 will launch in October, an executive revealed on Saudi TV.

Saudi Embassy launches Twitter account

The Saudi Arabian Embassy in the United States has launched its own Twitter account, allowing users to follow the latest news and announcements directly from country leaders.