Nintendo eyes F2P, mulls subscription options

Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata says the Japanese-based gaming company is open to considering alternative business models in the future, including free-to-play (F2P) as well as subscription based platforms.

Nintendo remains skeptical over cloud gaming

Senior Nintendo executives remain (understandably) skeptical over the future of the cloud for console gaming.

Nintendo will lose money on every Wii U

If you think the Wii U is expensive at $300, it's actually more expensive for Nintendo to make one.

Nintendo president convinced Wii U will succeed

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata doesn't think the video game industry has undergone a radical shift.

Nintendo: Wii U to support free-to-play games

Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata says its next-gen Wii U console will support a free-to-play gaming model.

Nintendo's Wii U might not be called the Wii U

After suffering a mountain of confusion and complaints, Nintendo appears to be ready to re-brand its next-generation console entirely.

Nintendo says it "intentionally" delayed 3DS games

 Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is trying to save face after a poor showing for the 3DS has put the company's long-standing portable gaming crown at jeopardy.

Nintendo to post first annual loss in 30 years

For the first time in three decades, Nintendo will have spent more money than it earned during the year and post a net annual loss, the company has predicted.

3DS early adopters to get special offers

Nintendo wants to reward the loyal customers who purchased a 3DS at its launch price of $250.

Nintendo's biggest shareholder loses $312 million

What a difference a day can make.

Nintendo president admits 3DS launch line-up was weak

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has been making a lot of admissions lately.

Analyst says Wii U at least two years late

Industry analyst Michael Pachter has joined the growing ranks of those who remain unimpressed with Nintendo's latest console effort.

Nintendo admits it flubbed Wii U E3 presentation

With a skeptical, confused reaction and unfavorable investor analysis, Nintendo is now saying it messed up in introducing the Wii U.

Nintendo acknowledges lackluster 3DS sales

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata acknowledges that sales of the company's 3DS handheld console have been rather lackluster in recent weeks.

Nintendo chief assures 3DS isn't "dangerous"

It's always fun to live in fear of lawsuits. Like every company, Nintendo wants to make sure it has all its bases covered, and its much-publicized warnings about the upcoming 3DS handheld is starting to have an effect.

Nintendo blames the media for high 3DS price point

If you think the 3DS is expensive, then blame your favorite video game magazine because their positive hype helped lead to Nintendo deciding to make it the company's costliest system ever.

Nintendo says cloud too lagged for gaming

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes the cloud is too lagged for casual or serious gaming.

Nintendo to fight software piracy in 3D

Nintendo has announced plans to implement advanced anti-piracy measures in its upcoming 3D handheld device to prevent the unauthorized distribution of games.