Too many Intel Haswells will spoil the broth

Intel is unlikely to release its Core i "Haswell" Platform in any serious numbers because of the "annoying" USB 3.0 flaw. JoAnne Feeney, an analyst with Longbow Research, said that although Intel is on track to introduce its next-generation Core i-series "Haswell" microprocessors in June, it is unlikely we will see many of them.

Acer rolls out Timeline M5 Ultrabook lineup

Acer has debuted its Aspire Timeline M5 lineup of Ultrabooks, which weigh in at 4.3 pounds and measure .81 inches thin. 

Google wants a faster Chromebook

Google is reportedly planning to upgrade its current lineup of Intel Atom-powered Chromebooks with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors.

Updated: Llano and Sandy Bridge take their toll on Nvidia

Nvidia has reportedly been "forced" to exit its integrated graphics chipsets business following the success of Intel's Sandy Bridge and AMD's Llano APU. 

AMD's Apple fiasco

Apple reportedly took a close look at AMD's "Llano" APU for its new MacBook Air lineup last year, but ended up rejecting the processor due to numerous (allegedly) faulty parts.

Sandy Bridge bolsters Intel's market share

Intel expanded its already considerable lead in the global microprocessor market during the second quarter of 2011.

Intel talks Ivy Bridge benchmarks

Intel's annual developer forum officially kicks off tomorrow, but Santa Clara has already begun talking up its next-gen Ivy Bridge chipset.

Intel's Ivy Bridge surrounded by muddy waters

A new report claims that tepid PC sales could prompt Intel to postpone its planned upgrade to a 22nm process at Fab 24.

Tilera wants to take on Intel with TILE-Gx processors

Tilera has announced a new 64-bit processor series for cloud datacenters that offers up to 10x the performance per-watt of Intel's Sandy Bridge chipset.

Analyst: Swap into AMD shares and out of Intel

A prominent financial analyst is advising investors to swap into AMD shares and out of Intel.

"Design error" identified in Sandy Bridge PCs

Intel has positively identified a "design issue" in a recently released support chip known as "Cougar Point."

Digital Storm's Enix gets overclocked & Sandy Bridged

Digital Storm's Enix rig is powered by Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture and offers screaming overclocks of 4.7GHz+.

Is Acer ditching netbooks for tablets?

Acer is planning to gradually phase out its netbook lineup in favor of Sandy Bridge-powered (Intel x86) tablets.

Want DX11? Wait for Ivy Bridge or go Fusion

Intel's recently launched Sandy Bridge platform does not support DX11. So, you can either wait for the next-gen Ivy Bridge, go Fusion (AMD), or buy a laptop that pairs Intel's chipset with a discrete GPU.

OS X crosses Intel's Sandy Bridge

Well, that didn't take too long! Yes, a talented team of Apple fanbois have successfully installed OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on a screaming Hackintosh running Intel's Core i5-2500K CPU.

Intel locks down high-def content with Sandy Bridge

Intel has confirmed that its Sandy Bridge processor micro-architecture features integrated content protection designed to thwart high-end digital piracy.

LucidLogix goes virtual for Sandy Bridge

LucidLogix has debuted GPU virtualization software designed for use with Intel's Sandy Bridge platform.

Sandy Bridge gets GeForced

PC vendors are poised to launch over 200 systems in the first half of 2011 that will feature Nvidia GeForce GPUs paired with next-gen Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs.

Is Apple choosing Intel over Nvidia?

Apple has reportedly chosen to deploy Intel Sandy Bridge processors in its 2011 MacBook lineup.

Intel details Sandy Bridge specs

Intel offered journalists and analysts a technical sneak peek of its upcoming second-gen Core processor lineup at IDF 2010.