Sandra Bullock's Gravity Take Could Be Huge

By anyone’s standards, Gravity’s been an incredible success. It’s gotten ten Oscar nominations, it’s pushed FX technology to incredible new heights, and it’s also been a huge success for Imax. In addition, it could also be a big financial windfall for Sandra Bullock who stands to make a whopping $70 million.

Can Gravity Grab the Oscar Gold?

The Academy Awards were announced early on January 16, and the movies that won the most nominations were Gravity and American Hustle. There’s already been backlashes against both movies, with some considering them over-rated, but the Motion Picture Academy sure didn’t think so, giving ten nominations to each.

Is Gravity Overrated?

We at TGD are very grateful for the movie Gravity. It’s an original movie that’s pushed big boundaries in special effects, and it’s proven that a movie that isn’t based on a previous film, TV show, or video game can still do well in today’s day and age. But have people gotten sick and tired of it already?

Buzz Aldrin Weighs In on Gravity

We at TGD have heard nothing but good things about the movie Gravity, and from what we know so far, it could be the next big science fiction classic. There’s already Oscar talk for Sandra Bullock, but we’d really love to know what astronaut Buzz Aldrin thinks of the film. 

Is Gravity the Next Big Sci-Fi Epic?

It’s been a very disappointing summer for movies, but that doesn’t mean the whole year is lost. In fact, there’s strong early buzz for the sci-fi movie Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men) and starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. 

Charlie Sheen's wild Twitter ride

While Charlie Sheen is grabbing the headlines searching for Two and Half Men, he somehow found two goddesses and an account on Twitter.