Ant-Man's Release Date Moves Up, and Samuel Jackson Talks Nick Fury

Now that Batman Vs Superman has pushed back its release date by nearly a year, we should have figured that another summer blockbuster would be moving into its place. Well as it turns out, Ant-Man has indeed pushed his way in to fill the gap.

Will Oldboy Be a Dark Winner?

Will Smith was initially up for the remake of Oldboy, which made a lot of fans balk. The original’s a pretty dark and disturbing story, which didn’t fit in with Will Smith’s wholesome image. (Neither did Django Unchained either, another role Smith was up for, but ultimately passed on.)

Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack Fighting Cell Phone Terror

John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson, together again. Both actors are great, and it’s odd to think about them working together, but they have indeed worked before in the acclaimed Stephen King adaptation 1408.

Samuel L. Jackson wants in on the new Star Wars

Samuel L. Jackson became a major star after his stellar performance in Pulp Fiction, and while he’s great at gritty  roles, his inner geek is also very strong.

Walking Dead wins big at the 10th annual video game awards

The third season of the Walking Dead is a big winner on cable, and it’s also a big winner in the gaming world.