Galaxy Note II heading to AT&T next month

AT&T has announced its official launch date for the Galaxy Note II.

Patent office changes mind about crucial Apple patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office has reviewed one of the Apple patents that led to a $1.05 billion ruling against Samsung - and decided that it isn't valid after all.

ARM-powered Chromebook sells out on Google Play

Samsung’s ARM-powered (WiFi) Chromebook briefly appeared on Google’s official Play store yesterday before selling out after only a few hours.

Samsung's ARM-powered Chromebook runs Ubuntu

Samsung's Chromebook hasn’t even officially shipped yet, but a developer by the name of Olof Johansson has already managed to load up Ubuntu on the $249 laptop. 

Samsung's $249 Chromebook is ARM powered

Pre-orders for Samsung's $249 ARM-powered Chromebook kick off today at 3PM Eastern.

iPhone claims 46% of smartphone web traffic

Apple's iPhone generates more web traffic than any other smartphone in the US.

Apple loses appeal over Samsung design

Apple's lost its appeal over a UK ruling that Samsung's Galaxy tablet doesn't infringe its registered design for the iPad - a decision that is valid in the whole of Europe.

Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update may be in 2013

It might not be until next year that owners of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone get the latest and greatest version of Android.

Smartphones: one billion served

There are now more than one billion smartphone users across the globe.

Galaxy Note II coming to Sprint on October 25

Sprint customers, get ready for the biggest smartphone your carrier has ever offered.

Apple wants a new chip supplier STAT

We recently reported that Apple is working with Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC to design 20nm quad-core chips for use in future iOS devices.

Samsung responds to Nexus ban overturn

Samsung has issued a formal response to a judge's decision to overturn a ban on the Galaxy Nexus phone.

Nexus sales ban overturned

The US Court of Appeals has overturned the ban on sales of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus phone, saying the California court that imposed it had 'abused its discretion'.

Samsung introduces the Galaxy S III Mini

Samsung’s Galaxy S III is currently one of the most popular Android smartphones on the market - and the introduction of the Galaxy S III Mini will only help increase the brand's popularity.

Galaxy S III Mini confirmed

Right on schedule, Samsung has confirmed the existence of an impending new version of its Galaxy S III phone.

Report: Samsung to develop 10-inch Nexus tablet

According to a report, Google is working with Samsung to create a 10-inch version of its popular Nexus 7 tablet.

Samsung confirms Galaxy S III Jelly Bean soon

Samsung has officially posted that its Galaxy S III phones will be upgraded to Android 4.1 "soon."

Galaxy sales boost Samsung's profits

Samsung has reported a quarterly profit of $7.3 billion - nearly double the figure for the same period last year, and well above analysts' expectations - thanks to strong sales of high end televisions and Galaxy phones.

Galaxy S III "Mini" rumors pop up

Samsung is holding an event next week, prompting rumors the company will unveil a smaller version of the wildly popular Galaxy S III.

Samsung claims Apple juror was biased

Samsung is attempting to have the recent $1 billion patent verdict in favor of Apple thrown out, on the basis that the foreman of the jury was biased.