ARM version of Google Chrome gets Native Client support

Google’s NaCl, or Native Client, can best be described as a platform that allows the Chrome browser to run specific apps coded in C or C++ instead of the typical HTML5, CSS or JavaScript.

Samsung's 8-inch Galaxy Note heads to MWC 2013

Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 phablet hasn't been on the market all that long, as the device only landed in AT&T stores across the country on November 2012.

Report: Samsung's Exynos 5 to power Galaxy S4

Samsung's uber-popular Chromebook is one of the first real mobile implementations of ARM’s long-awaited Cortex-A15 processor in the form of Samsung’s Exynos 5 dual-core chip.

Report: Samsung prepping new Note device

Samsung's Galaxy Note devices are currently available in two primary sizes - 5.5-inches (smartphone form factor) and 10.1-inches (tablet).

Lenovo goes Chrome with ThinkPad X131e

Google's web-centric Chrome operating system debuted on July 7, 2009, with the first Intel-based Chromebooks shipping on June 15, 2011.

Will Apple be playing catch-up with Samsung?

Senior ABI Research analyst Michael Morgan believes Apple will ultimately be chasing Samsung’s technology, software and device leadership in 2013 through the foreseeable future.

Former Apple CEO says cheaper iPhone a must

Former Apple CEO John Sculley says he believes Cupertino needs to adapt to a "very different world" in which a wide range of smartphones are being offered at increasingly low prices.

Analyst confirms Microsoft Surface RT sales are less-than-stellar

Microsoft has been having somewhat of a difficult time convincing the masses to abandon Android and Apple for its Surface RT tablet which is being heavily marketed both on TV and online.

Samsung's Chromebox gets an Intel Core i5 chip

Google Chrome OS can best be described as a Linux-based operating system designed to work exclusively with web applications and Mountain View's cloud-based Google Drive.

Apple eyes opportunity as smart TVs fail to impress

Each year, one of the biggest and most packed categories of products at CES in Las Vegas is the television space.

Huawei preps octa-core ARM chip

Huawei is currently prepping an ARM-powered octa-core chip which it plans to bring to market during the second half of 2013.

Samsung postpones Windows RT tablet plans

Last summer the industry was expecting big things from Windows 8 and Windows RT, with Samsung touting a plan to bring its own Windows RT tablet to the US by October.

Samsung showcases flexible OLED smartphone prototype

Samsung is showcasing a rather interesting smartphone prototype that boasts a flexible OLED screen at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. 

Samsung debuts Exynos 5 Octa SoC

Samsung's flagship Exynos 5 is a dual-core mobile chip that powers the company's ARM-based Google Chromebook, a versatile device which is also capable of running various flavors of Linux, including Ubuntu.

Samsung showcases 55-inch OLED TV, touts 85-inch S9 UHD

One of the most heavily packed categories each year at CES is the TV space and this year is no exception.

Samsung showcases Series 7 Ultra and thinner Series 7 Chronos

With CES 2013 kicking off this week, the product announcements are starting to roll out in force from a number of industry heavyweights like Samsung, which recently debuted a new Series 7 Ultra, along with a refreshed Series 7 Chronos ultrabook.

Samsung redesigns Google Chromebox

Samsung is fast becoming associated with all things Gogole and Chrome.

Report: TSMC building A6X chips for Apple

The Taiwanese-based TSMC has reportedly been tapped to manufacture future batches of Apple ARM-based A6X chip that currently powers Cupertino's most recent iPad.

Report: Samsung is prepping a Tizen-based smartphone

Japan's NTT Docomo has teamed up with Samsung and Intel to promote the development of a new mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets.

Synopsys and Samsung tape out 14LPE test chip

Synopsys and Samsung have taped out the first test chip based on the latter company's 14LPE process.