AT&T Galaxy Tab rumored to be priced at $650

Smack dab in between the Sprint/Verizon and T-Mobile prices for Samsung's new Galaxy Tab device, AT&T will reportedly be pricing its version at $650.

Samsung outs a 10-inch Galaxy Tab

Although it insisted that consumers want a device that's smaller than the iPad, it seems Samsung it moving forward with plans to create a device that is about the same size.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab goal set at one million

As the most critical iPad rival to date and a very important device for Samsung, the Galaxy Tab needs to sell well if it is to stand on its own when all is said and done. If it sells a million units in the next two months, that might do it, and that's exactly what Samsung is forecasting.

Gameloft exclusive games get pre-installed on Galaxy Tab

One thing Apple has learned about the iPad is it thrives on gaming. Developers are re-programming their iPhone games for the larger screen and many are looking to the iPad as a new game system.

Nexus Two will be most powerful Android yet, first Android 2.3

Although Google will not be internally designing the successor to its well-reviewed-but-never-sold Nexus One, it will still be as noteworthy - maybe more.

Galaxy Tab hits T-Mobile at cheapest yet, $400

Sprint and Verizon's launch plans have been confirmed for Samsung's hopeful iPad killer, and now we're getting a look at what T-Mobile plans to do with the little device.

Apple now ranks #4 in global phone sales

Go out to the stores and tell me how many Apple phones you find compared to Samsung, Nokia, or LG. That's right - 1. Despite having the leanest mobile phone repertoire in the business, Apple now ranks fourth in global sales.

Rumor: Samsung and Google prep Nexus Two for November launch

Google and Samsung are reportedly prepping a next-gen Nexus smartphone for a November 8th launch in New York City.

Nvidia preps Tegra 2 for massive tablet deployment

Nvidia has reportedly clinched a number of lucrative orders for its powerful Tegra 2 processor.

T-Mobile gets its Galaxy Pad November 10, $400

Details have just been announced for T-Mobile version of Samsung's iPad killer, the Galaxy Tab. Not only will it be the first mobile provider to begin selling the device, it'll also be available with a $200 discount.

Best Buy to sell 3G-less Galaxy Tab, but what's the point?

A leaked ad suggests Best Buy will begin selling a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab that only has Wi-Fi connectivity and knocks off $100 from the price, but that kind of defeats the entire purpose of the device.

Verizon tries to justify crazy $600 Galaxy Tab price

Verizon is trying to stand up for Samsung and the company's Galaxy Tab tablet, which wants to compete against Apple's iPad but may have a hard time due to a high launch price.

Samsung says glasses-free 3D years away from relevance

The head of Samsung's display unit is telling consumers not to get too affixed to this growing idea of glasses-free 3D TV sets, because it won't really take off until at least 2015. So go ahead and buy a Samsung 3D TV that requires 3D glasses (preferably one from Samsung), okay?

Is Android a recipe for mobile success?

It seems as if Google's Android represents a surefire recipe for success in the crowded mobile marketplace.

T-Mobile suggests $650 Galaxy Tab price point

Samsung's iPad killer, the Android-based Galaxy Tab, will be priced in the same range as the iPad but customers will be able to get discounts by signing up for 3G service contracts.

Samsung Galaxy S hits 5 million sales

Samsung's high-end, Android-powered line of smartphones has now reached total sales of over 5 million, just a little over a month after announcing the 1 million sales milestone.

Virgin's first Android phone now on sale

The Samsung Intercept, a phone that brings the Android operating system to Virgin Mobile's prepaid service for the first time, is now available.

Samsung axes Symbian support, Nokia closer to death

Okay, so maybe this won't exactly lead to the demise of the global giant Nokia, but it certainly isn't good news that Samsung will no longer support the Symbian operating system.

Samsung very on board for Windows Phone 7

Samsung has officially announced its plans to support Microsoft's new mobile operating system, calling Windows Phone 7's upcoming launch a "significant milestone" in its own mobile history.

Samsung sells all AMOLED displays to Apple: Tweets

Tweets from an influential journalist suggest that Samsung is completely out of AMOLED supply because Apple placed a gigantic order, thus temporarily suspending production of Galaxy S and Wave phones.