Windows Phone 7 update fixed

Microsoft has re-released a software update for its Windows Phone 7 platform, after it had to yank it off line due to concerns it was breaking some devices.

Samsung 3D movie streaming becoming a reality

Last year, Samsung introduced a TV app that allowed users to stream 3D video content. It launched with three 3D movie trailers but has never been updated. Now, a third-party video service is looking to pick up the slack.

Galaxy Tab slashed to $300 on Xoom's heels

A funny thing happens when there's a bigger and better Android tablet on the market - the one that previously had a stranglehold on the entire industry gets dropped radically in price.

NTT DoCoMo beats out Samsung with thinnest Android phone

The NEC Medias N-04C may not have one of those snazzy smartphone names like the "Galaxy S II" or the "Xperia Arc," but it beats out both of those super-slim phones with a measurement of just 8 millimeters thick.

Microsoft pulls buggy Windows Phone 7 update

Microsoft has taken down an update for all Samsung phones running Windows Phone 7. The update was supposed to improve performance and add new functionality, but instead it caused the phones to become glitchy and in some cases, unusable.

Next-gen Samsung RAM hits 12.8GB per second

Samsung's next-gen mobile RAM modules are capable of transmitting data at a blazing 12.8 gigabyte (GB) per second. The new class of memory is expected to significantly increase the bandwidth of current DDR DRAM (1.6GB/s) eightfold, while reducing power consumption by 87%.

Epic 4G goes Froyo, finally

Continuing with Samsung's recent history of long delays in updating its Android phones, the Epic 4G is finally getting its chance to shine with Android version 2.2, also known as Froyo.

Samsung disses LG's cheaper 3D option

LG announced this week that it has begun shipping new 3D TVs, using the same kind of technology used in movie theaters, as a way to appeal to more budget-conscious consumers. But Samsung says that's a step in the wrong direction.

Samsung unveils larger, 10-inch Galaxy Tab

After quite a successful run with its Android-based, 7-inch Galaxy Tab tablet, Samsung has revealed a new version of the device with a 10 inch display that will be more of a direct rival to the iPad.

MetroPCS's first 4G LTE smartphone is here

It's going to be a busy week for 4G fans. Just two days before Verizon launches its own LTE smartphone the HTC Thunderbolt, MetroPCS will beat it to the punch with the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Indulge.

Samsung turns 'Galaxy' products into TV remote

If you just so happen to have a recent Samsung TV, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and a Samsung Galaxy S phone...chances are you work for Samsung. But on the off chance that you don't, here's a neat little app for you.

T-Mobile bringing Samsung Galaxy S to 4G this month

Samsung's Galaxy S brand will take its next step in a matter of weeks, as a 4G version of its Vibrant phone for T-Mobile has just been announced for release later this month.

Android tablets surprisingly taking large chunk of tablet pie

A new report says that in the final quarter of 2010, Android tablets took a surprisingly dent-worthy 22% of the multimedia tablet market, significantly knocking down the iPad which had previously commanded a 95% reign in the category.

Samsung Vibrant gets Android 2.2, after evil delay

After facing mounting criticism for its extremely slow pace of upgrading its T-Mobile Vibrant phone, Samsung is finally ready to deploy Android 2.2 to the device.

3D TVs make millions sick, companies still push production

One of the hottest trends in technology is 3D TV and content. From LG to Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic, all of the major manufacturers are jumping on the 3D bandwagon.

Galaxy Tab overclocked to a sweet 1.2GHz

Yes, the PC scene may have fallen into a bit of a lull, so it's good to see a new generation of enthusiasts pick up the overclocking torch (at least, on the software side) in the mobile arena.

Ally and Acclaim smartphones finally get Android 2.2

It took long enough, but the LG Ally and Samsung Acclaim smartphones have finally been upgraded to Android 2.2, the version of Google's operating system that most users have been using for months now.

Apple preps A8 chip for fifth-gen iPhone and beyond

Apple is reportedly prepping a souped-up, custom-designed A8 processor for its fifth-generation iPhone and future mobile devices.

Nasty rumor suggests Samsung intentionally delaying Android update

T-Mobile customers who bought Samsung's Vibrant phone last year have been patiently waiting to receive a firmware upgrade to Android 2.2, which was first made available several months ago.

New rumored phone would be T-Mobile's fastest

Now that the Verizon iPhone is official, the mobile rumor mill is turning its attention to other things. Other things, that is, like the Samsung Vibrant 4G, which is rumored to be the single fastest phone to ever run on T-Mobile.