Outspoken Samsung CTO Omar Kham resigns

Omar Khan, Samsung's chief technology officer and one of the most vocal figures in the company's mobile strategy, has resigned.

Samsung holds 61% of 3D TV market

Despite a lot of competitors entering the space over the last couple years, the one who pioneered it is still the leader.

Analyst: Galaxy S II sets the Android bar

Does Samsung's sleek Galaxy S II effectively set the bar for Android devices and other smartphones?

Samsung may bring 'Galaxy' brand to WP7

Samsung's popular Galaxy S2 Android phone is reportedly on its way to Windows Phone 7.

LG says 80% of consumers prefer passive 3D

An LG-commissioned study reveals the vast majority of consumers don't want expensive active-shutter 3D TVs.

Samsung wants US import ban on Apple products

The public war between Samsung and Apple is getting ugly. And Samsung is taking the aggressiveness to a new level.

Is Apple ditching Samsung for TSMC?

It seems as if Apple may be preparing to ditch Samsung for TSMC, as Cupertino will likely tap the latter company to build its next-gen A6 SoC in 2012.

Apple files new lawsuit against Samsung

Apple said today that it has filed a lawsuit in South Korea which accuses Samsung Electronics of copying its products.

Smell-O-Vision is back!

More than fifty years since the one and only film to use Smell-O-Vision was screened, engineers have developed a small box that can fit on the back of a television and pump out odors.

It costs Samsung $334 to make a Chromebook

According to a recently published report, Samsung's cost of materials for the new Chromebook is just shy of $350.

T-Mobile reveals cheapest 4G phone yet

Coming in at just $80 after mail-in rebate, T-Mobile's Exhibit 4G is one of the most accessible 4G devices yet.

Samsung asks court for next iPhone and iPad

It's something lots of people would like to do, but Samsung may be in with a chance - as part of its trademark dispute with Apple, it's asked a court to give it samples of the next iPhone and iPad.

Samsung starts offering streaming 3D content

Consumers with a Samsung 3D TV can now watch a limited amount of 3D content for free.

Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab devices get Gingerbread push

Samsung's slate of Android smartphones and tablets are getting updated to Android 2.3.

Samsung display folds flat without creasing

Samsung could be about to put an end to the PC/tablet debate, with the news that it's created a bendable AMOLED screen which won't crease, even after it's been folded 100,000 times.

Video: Overclocked Galaxy S II hits 1.504GHz

An XDA Dev member has managed to successfully overclock a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone to an impressive 1.504GHz.

Google unveils Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks

Google's first open-source operating system for a traditional computing device will be debuting next month.

Samsung confirms 3 million Galaxy S II pre-orders

Samsung says it managed to clinch a whopping three million Galaxy S II (global) pre-orders. 

Nokia maintains top spot in worldwide mobile phone shipments

IDC has released its quarterly mobile phone shipments statistics, confirming that Nokia is holding the top spot worldwide, although losing some traction in Western Europe to Samsung.

Microsoft pulls Samsung Omnia WP7 NoDo update

Microsoft has temporarily halted its long-awaited WP7 NoDo update for the Samsung Omnia.