Samsung agrees to pay Microsoft royalties for Android

Samsung's given up its patent battle with Microsoft, agreeing to pay license fees on every Android device it sells and to work with Microsoft on Windows Phone.

Apple threatens store for selling Galaxy Tab

On the heels of winning its patent case against the Galaxy Tab in Australia, Apple is now going after local retailers who still want to sell the Samsung device.

Samsung calls for EU ban on iPhone and iPad

Following Apple's success in getting Samsung products banned in the EU, Samsung's retaliated by asking a Dutch court to ban Apple's iPads and iPhones too.

Samsung to launch Mango phone next month

Samsung has just confirmed its first phone with Windows Phone Mango pre-intalled will launch next month.

Report pinpoints Mango update to begin on 9/27

Just about one day after Microsoft confirmed that Mango was ready to be peeled in a couple weeks, a report has come out to suggest a specific launch date.

Samsung eyes a Bada future

Samsung will reportedly open up its indigenous mobile software platform to external devs and device manufacturers sometime in 2012.

Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 5 in Korea

The nasty patent war between Samsung and Apple looks to be entering a new chapter.

Galaxy Tab 8.9 available for pre-order

Best Buy has begun taking pre-orders for an 8.9-inch version of Samsung's Android-powered Galaxy Tab.

Size really matters, says Apple

You can never be too rich or too thin - and Apple, already top of the tree when it comes to money, is now officially the thinnest too.

Did PC innovation die in 1984?

Prominent Silicon Valley analyst Jon Peddie believes PC innovation likely died in 1984, although the industry has yet to take any real notice.

Samsung's Windows Phone loyalty in question

The latest mobile scuttlebutt suggests that Samsung will stop supporting Windows Phone if things don't change soon

Galaxy Tab is perma-banned in Germany

Samsung can never sell the Galaxy Tab as it exists right now within the borders of Germany.

Report: Samsung to announce Windows 8 tablet

The flagship entry into the tablet world for Windows 8 may take center stage as early as next week.

2011 iPhone shipments will nearly double 2010

Apple is poised to show enormous growth in the number of iPhones it ships to market by the end of the calendar year.

Samsung Stratosphere brings Qwerty keypad to LTE

Samsung is trying to bring sexy back to the idea of a slide-out Qwerty keypad.

Samsung snubs webOS

HP's $99 webOS-powered TouchPad tablets may have (belatedly) flown off the shelves at retailers across the United States, but Samsung remains utterly unimpressed by the latest turn of events.

Android commands 40% of US smartphone market

According to the latest Nieslen data, there are nearly 1.5 times as many Android users as iPhone owners in the US.

Samsung debuts next-gen Galaxy Tab

Samsung is showcasing its next-gen, 7-inch Galaxy Tab at IFA 2011 in Berlin. 

Samsung introduces iPod Touch-like device

Samsung has taken a page straight out of the Apple playbook and introduced a new smartphone, without the phone part.

Samsung Galaxy S II will be here in September

Samsung's latest Android-powered smartphone models will be available next month, but as expected Verizon will not be  carrying it.