T-Mobile introduces flexible tablet payment plan

T-Mobile is testing an option that will allow customers to buy a tablet without paying for the entire thing up front.

Samsung exec jumps to Windows Phone

Microsoft has managed to yank one of Samsung's senior executives as it tries to bolster attention and excitement for Windows Phone.

EC to investigate Samsung over FRAND patent abuse

The European Commission has launched an anti-trust investigation into Samsung, over allegations that it's abused FRAND patents as part of its war with Apple.

Report pegs HTC as US smartphone king

Just a matter of days after Samsung was reported to be the top dog in smartphone shipments, another report shows HTC as the leader in the US.

Samsung topples Apple in smartphone shipment

Despite a concerted effort from Apple to cripple Samsung's presence in the smartphone industry, it was not able to shake up things enough to reach the top spot.

Google finally unwraps Ice Cream Sandwich

Google unveiled the latest update to Android at a media event yesterday, and boy does it bring a lot of changes to the table.

Samsung to supply A6 chips for next-gen iPhone

Samsung is expected to supply Apple with A6 chips for its next-gen iPhone and iPad - despite an ongoing patent war between the two industry heavyweights.

Samsung sues to ban iPhone 4S in Japan, Australia

The unending legal war between Samsung and Apple continues with Samsung now trying to block all sales of the iPhone 4S in Japan and Australia.

US judge finally calls out Apple v Samsung BS

A judge in the US will seemingly not rule in Apple's favor when it comes to the company's request to ban Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Australian Galaxy Tab ban becomes official

Australia has made the injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tab sales official, meaning they will not be available in stores for the holiday season.

Samsung finds loophole in smartphone ban

There's a new chapter in the legal battle between Samsung and Apple. Advantage Samsung.

Galaxy S2, not iPhone, wins 2011 smartphone award

At the fifth annual T3 Awards show, it was Samsung's Galaxy S II, not Apple's iPhone 4, that was voted as the top smartphone of the year.

T-Mobile announces Galaxy Tab 10.1 in US - courts permitting

T-Mobile's announced plans to release two new Android tablets, its own SpringBoard and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 - yup, the one that's caused all the trouble in Australia and Europe.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich launch postponed

Google and Samsung have postponed the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich - the latest iteration of Mountain View's wildly popular mobile Android OS.

Samsung spits on iPhone 4S with Galaxy S2

After Apple introduced the new iPhone, not only did Samsung sue in record time but now it's also blasting the phone's functionality itself.

Samsung wants to ban iPhone 4S

We can't pretend to be surprised by this, but Samsung has already begun a legal process to try to ban sales of the newly announced iPhone 4S.

Samsung users have to wait for Mango

It looks like Samsung will continue to be late to the game when it comes to mobile operating system firmware updates.

Rumor: Amazon wants webOS for Kindle tablets

A new report claims Amazon is eyeing Hewlett Packard's defunct webOS for future iterations of its Kindle tablets.

Undeterred by Apple, Samsung reveals new tablet

Despite a legendary legal battle currently underway between Apple's iPad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab, Samsung has introduced a new tablet.

T-Mobile sides with Samsung in patent war

The ugly and growing spat between Apple and Samsung is becoming somewhat like a digital World War.