Jelly Bean fate on Galaxy S II unclear

After confirming that Android 4.1 will be hitting the Galaxy S III, Samsung is a bit less clear on the phone's predecessor.

Japan rules Samsung didn't infringe Apple patent

  The latest country to rule on whether Samsung's been infringing an Apple patent, Japan, has decided that it didn't.

Some thoughts on Samsung’s Android Galaxy Camera

Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Camera certainly boasts some pretty sweet specs. But does the niche device have a future in an increasingly competitive mobile world?

Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update coming next month

We're finally getting a solid time frame on Samsung's flagship phone getting pushed to the latest version of Android.

Samsung first to unveil Windows Phone 8 device

Samsung's revealed the world's first first Windows Phone 8 smartphone, along with other devices including a Windows RT tablet, a Galaxy 'phablet' and an Android-powered camera.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II smartphone reloads

Samsung rolled out its long-awaited Galaxy Note II smartphone today at IFA 2012 in Berlin. 

Samsung's Slate PCs run Windows 8

Samsung announced its new Series 5 and Series 7 Slate PCs at IFA 2012 today in Berlin. 

Samsung's Drive Link goes live for Galaxy S III

Smartphone companies and various automotive heavyweights are attempting to reduce the number of distractions that drivers face during their daily commute.

Samsung and Maingear tout new AIO lineups

One of the fastest-growing segments of the desktop PC market is the all-in-one, a form factor popularized by Apple's OS X-powered iMac.

Google and Samsung - the new evil queens of denial

Are Google and Samsung the new evil queens of denial?

Apple requests ban on eight Samsung devices

Apple's wasted no time in listing the eight Samsung products it wants to see banned at a September 20 court hearing.

Samsung shares slump following Apple copying verdict

Samsung shares lost more than $10 billion in market value, following a US jury's finding that the company illegally copied Apple products.

Custom ROMs are ready for Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung may have introduced its Galaxy Note 10.1 just a few weeks ago, but a number of custom mods  have already been coded by XDA devs for the Android-powered tablet.

Jury in Apple-Samsung case asks for more time

This is going to be a lengthy deliberation process.

Apple and Samsung face Korean sales ban

As a US jury prepares to deliver its verdict in the high-profile patent case between Apple and Samsung, a South Korean court has determined that they've both been copying each other's products.

The mobile patent wars

The Apple versus Samsung patent trial is now in the hands of the jury (heaven help them all) and tech reporters are waiting with bated breath for the outcome.

In-Location Alliance promises better indoor mapping

Indoor location services have today received a big boost with the announcement of an industry consortium aimed at promoting them.

Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update may be imminent

The latest version of Google's Android will soon be going live on Samsung's latest flagship smartphone.

iCamera: Thoughts on Apple’s rumored digital camera

A number of industry heavyweights are currently designing Android-based cameras, including Nikon Polaroid and Samsung. Unsurprisingly, it seems as if Apple may be interested in bringing its own camera to market as well.

Samsung invests $4 billion in Apple chip plant

Samsung Austin Semiconductor is investing approximately $4 billion in a chip fab most famously used to manufacture custom processors for Apple’s iPhone and iPad lineup.