Why Video Game Movies Still Aren't Cutting It

Another video game movie comes out, Need For Speed, and guess what? It got tepid reviews and box office. It’s sad to say this is no big news flash, and we’re probably still a few years away from the video game movie that could finally turn things around.

Is Sam Raimi's Evil Dead Comeback Imminent?

We just reported here on TGD that Bruce Campbell recently spoke about another authentic Evil Dead movie, and that Sam Raimi would helm it. Campbell also joked about battling demons as an old man, and he gave the impression he’d love to come back and play Ash because he’s not as busy as he used to be.

Bruce Campbell Talks the Possibility of Army of Darkness 2

So the Sam Raimi classic Evil Dead finally got its inevitable remake, and surprisingly it got decent reviews, and more than decent box office. But there’s always been the possibility Sam and the gang could make one more authentic Evil Dead movie, and he’s certainly got the box office clout to make it happen.

The World of Warcraft Movie Is Officially a Go

A movie based on World of Warcraft has been in the works for some time now, and now it’s official: The big-screen adaptation of WoW will roll next year with Duncan Jones (Source Code) directing.  

New Evil Dead already courting controversy

We’ve repeated this before many times on TG, but it bears repeating again…we intensely dislike the endless parade of horror remakes.

First reviews are in for the Evil Dead remake

Next month the remake of one of the most beloved horror films in history, Evil Dead, is slated to hit theaters across the country.

Sam Raimi talks World of Warcraft - the movie

Since the first Evil Dead movie, Sam Raimi's proven to be a very resourceful and inventive director, and he’s certainly come a long way since his low budget horror days.

Will Sam Raimi direct a fourth Evil Dead movie?

If you’re a horror fan, you’re probably well aware there’s a reboot of Evil Dead coming on April 5, 2013.

World of Warcraft movie is on track

It’s a lament we repeat a lot around here, but we still don’t have a good video game movie. Actually, "good" is much too generous. How about a half-way decent or watchable video game movie?

Evil Dead remake fights the ratings board

It’s not easy being a horror film director. The genre still isn’t totally accepted by the mainstream, and many horror helmers have had to do battle with the ratings board over gore and violence.

The reboots of Evil Dead and Poltergeist

I’ve always been a big believer in letting a work of art speak for itself, whether it’s a movie, an album, or a book.

Raimi's Evil Dead will rise again

While Evil Dead isn't exactly zombie related, it is certainly one of the most notable horror film franchises.

The horror of Sam Raimi

Like everyone, I'm really getting tired of the endless conveyor belt of reboots, and as a big horror fan, I'm especially tired of all the horror remakes.

Sam Raimi talks Possession and Evil Dead

Although I feel no Possession film can do it better than The Exorcist, the possessed films keep coming, and these days are practically a genre onto themselves.

Possession clip explains the dybbuk

Lionsgate recently released a final preview clip for Sam Rami’s creepy new thriller, The Possession.

The resurrection of Evil Dead

The director and star of the original film give their take on the new adaptation.

Bruce Campbell weighs in on Evil Dead reboot

With so many remakes and reboots in the works, one that's been met with a lot of skepticism, especially among horror fans, is the remake of Evil Dead. 

Will The Amazing Spider-Man trump its predecessors?

The industry has been understandably skeptical about the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. 

The series isn’t even that old, and now they’re starting over from scratch?

The perfect chemistry of the Amazing Spider-Man 

As we just reported here on TG, the first reviews are in for The Amazing Spider-Man, the reboot of the classic Marvel character, and it looks like the movie's a winner. 

The Possession trailer shouldn’t have opened the box

Lionsgate has released the first full-length trailer for Sam Rami’s creepy new thriller, The Possession.