Apple iPad fragments netbook market

The introduction of Apple's wildly popular iPad will likely cause the "fragmentation" - rather than the demise - of the rapidly evolving netbook market.

Lack of new launches means games sales fall sharply

Video game sales plummeted by more than a quarter in April, one of the industry's worst declines ever.

Is Appleā€™s iPad killing off netbooks?

Is Apple’s slick and unstoppable iPad slowly killing off netbook sales? Well, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty seems to think so.

Xbox 360: Over 40 million served

Despite recent lagging sales of Microsoft's game console, it has managed to jump over the 40 million unit milestone worldwide, though there's still a lot of catch-up to do if it is to ever eclipse Wii sales.

Games sales continue to slide

It's not great timing, what with the Game Developers' Conference in full swing. But NPD has reported that video game sales fell a stonking 15 percent in February - and consoles did even worse, with sales down by a fifth.

Sony readies 3D push to kickstart flagging television sales

Sony has announced plans to shift its television business into "attack mode" by "aggressively pushing" new 3D models.

Apple and RIM take a bite out of Palm

Palm has been forced to revise its initial sales forecast due to stiff competition from RIM and Apple.  

Never-ending iTunes sales tally hits 10 billion

That means that, on average, more than 46 songs have been purchased on iTunes every single second, since the store launched on April 28, 2003. Apple had been keeping a tally of sales leading up to the big 10 billion mark on a special website, where it now has the number typed out in a large banner, as well as a list of the 20 all-time top-selling songs.