Digg sold, will merge with News.me

Social news site Digg has been sold to tech development firm Betaworks for a price rumored to be just $500,000 - despite once having been valued at more than $160 million.

New broom Whitman plans to keep HP's PC business

With ex-CEO Leo Apotheker gone, HP's decided not to follow through on his plan of selling off its PC division.

Hulu says it's not for sale after all

Hulu's decided it's not for sale after all, as nobody seems prepared to pay as much as the company's owners want for it.

D-Wave sells first quantum computer

Canada's D-Wave Systems has won a ringing endorsement of its controversial quantum computer - an order from Lockheed Martin.

World's smallest atomic clock goes on sale

Well, it's certainly annoying when your wristwatch doesn't keep perfect time. But there's a solution - yes, the world's smallest atomic clock is now available commercially, for only $1,500.

Yahoo sells Delicious to YouTube founders

Yahoo's finally found someone to take bookmarking service Delicious off its hands, selling up to YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

NASA's wrist slapped for security breach

NASA's a little red-faced today, after an inspection showed that a sell-off of thousands of PCs in a fund-raising exercise left it wide open to hackers.

Deals or delusions? Beware of Black Friday rip-off tactics

More than 50-percent of Americans plan to do at least half their holiday shopping online this year. 

On Black Friday however, millions will flock to big box retailers and small shops alike, hoping to score an in-person deal.  

Virtual nightclub sells for record sum

Well, bricks and mortar may be selling for pennies, but it seems there's one type of real estate where the housing boom continues - the virtual world.

Facebook prototype facemash.com up for sale

Facebook itself may be worth quite a lot of money now - as much as $33 billion, by some counts. But for those who don't mind owning a prototype version, the site's predecessor, facemash.com, is up for sale.

Street-legal Tron Lightcycle on sale

Toymaker Parker Brothers has created a limited edition of five Lightcycles - yup, the ones from Tron - and is selling them for $35,000 a pop on ebay.

Report: Apple to ban protective screen film

Apple is reportedly planning to ban the sale of protective screen film in both its retail and online stores. 

Nook e-reader makes it back into the stores

Barnes and Noble's Nook e-reader, which sold out over the holidays, is back on sale online and in stores - just in time for Valentine's Day, says the company, hopefully.