NASA to crash test helicopter to study safety

Anybody who says NASA researchers don't know how to have a smashing good time has not met a team at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. They are test engineers whose job it is to make aircraft safer by crashing them.

US coastal areas 'at risk'

Climate change is threatening the health and safety of US coastal communities, according to a report.

Self-driving cars to take the stage at CES

Toyota and Audi are set to announce self-driving cars at CES this week, indicating that the technology really may be about to hit the mainstream.

GM wants a wireless pedestrian detection system

It is often difficult for drivers to see pedestrians, especially at night, in foggy conditions or during a heavy rainstorm.

MIT designs 'intelligent co-pilot' for cars

MIT engineers have developed a semi-autonomous vehicle safety system that takes over if the driver does something stupid.

Fracking safe - within limits, says study

The controversial technique for shale gas production known as fracking won't contaminate water sources, say researchers - as long as there's a safe distance between the injection source and water supplies.

Google+ now open to teenagers

Google+ is now open for the over-13s to join, bringing the social network in line with rivals Facebook and MySpace.

Listening to music can get pedestrians run over

Crossing the street while listening to music is highly dangerous, say researchers - even more so than talking on the phone.

iPhone iris scanner ready to track criminals

Law enforcement officials across the nation are preparing to adopt a new facial-scanning device designed specifically for the iPhone.

Toyota safety technology controls steering

Toyota is working on safety technology that assumes control of the steering so that the vehicle can turn away when it isn’t able stop before a collision.

Europe starts overhaul of creaky air traffic control systems

European researchers are working on a total reorganization of the region's air traffic control systems, many of which are as much as 50 years old.

Chevy in Cruze SNAFU as steering wheel just falls off

Apparently, the scene where a driver loses control and, in a panic, pulls the steering wheel off the car isn’t just a Hollywood invention.

Would you go for a ride in a self-driving car?

Nothing screams "the future" like a self-driving car. We’ve seen it on the Jetsons, in Minority Report, and now on a closed course at the TED conference in Long Beach, California.

Is crime on Craigslist worse than in Oakland?

We’ve all heard the Craigslist horror stories where some shady criminal lures an innocent victim to a hotel room where he cooks her in a stew a la Craigslist killer. Stories like this may not be so farfetched, as recent statistics released by the AIM Group claim the site is linked to 330 crimes, including 12 murders and 105 robberies.

Government report backs controversial carbon sequestration plans

Despite concern that it's ineffective and potentially dangerous, a government task force has concluded that there's no reason carbon sequestration shouldn't be introduced on a large scale within the next ten years.

Facebook launches service to protect kids online

Facebook has caved in to continued pressure from child protection groups and launched a limited 'panic button' service for teenagers in the UK.

iPad not welcome at Yankee Stadium

Strike! The Bronx Bombers have decided to ban the wildly popular Apple iPad from Yankee Stadium.

Security researchers say they can take over a car

A team says it's found ways to hack cars to disable the brakes or lock people inside.

Man escapes injury from knife-wielding robot

Showing extraordinary devotion to duty, a German researcher has offered his arm up to a robot with a kitchen knife in order to help develop better safety systems.