Russian cargo craft departs International Space Station

An unpiloted Russian Progress cargo ship departed the International Space Station (ISS) early Monday, clearing the way for Moscow's next space freighter.

Anonymous takes on Putin's Russian Kremlin

Cyber activists associated with the Anonymous collective temporarily downed President Vladimir Putin's web site on Wednesday.

This is what happens when you betray a hot Russian spy

The Kremlin has reportedly dispatched an assassin to eliminate a double agent accused of betraying wannabe spy and amateur stripper Anna Chapman.

Smokin’ hot Russian spy strips for Maxim

Anna Chapman may be technologically incompetent and a lousy spy, but at least she knows how to strip.

Chatroulette randomizes people's porn

If you combine two great vices – a penchant for porn and a love of gambling – with the Internet, you might come up with something similar to Chatroulette, a three month old site which has become an overnight craze for anyone and everyone with a computer and webcam.

No gaming or iPods allowed in space

In space, no one can hear you scream or listen to your iPod.