Russia launches 'biggest-ever' space telescope

The Russian RadioAstron space telescope - effectively, the biggest ever - has been successfully launched from Baikonur in Kazakhstan.

China want to explore the Moon, Venus and Mars

In light of last week's final NASA space shuttle launch, Beijing is stepping up to the plate with aspirations of exploring the Moon, Venus and Mars.

US and Russia buddy up on smart grid

International aid and cooperation between former Cold War foes is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s focused on making the planet a greener place.

Russian porn star takes credit for downing adult torrent site

A Russian porn star known as Alexander Pistols is taking credit for (temporarily) shutting down Pornolab, one of the largest adult BitTorrent tracker in the world.

Russia believes Nokia Windows Phone will come this year

If you want to be the first to grab a Nokia-branded Windows Phone-powered phone, you may want to head to Russia.

Russia wants a nuclear-powered spacecraft for Mars mission

The European Space Agency (ESA) is currently working with NASA to develop a major Mars exploration project.

Russian FSB wants to ban Skype and Gmail

If the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) had its way, the agency would ban Skype, Hotmail and Gmail in the former communist country.

Apple eyes store in historic Moscow building

The first Apple Store in Russia may be coming soon.

Hacker sent to prison for billboard porn prank

Last year in Moscow, motorists and pedestrians were amazed to see a video billboard’s message transform from a harmless advertisement to a full-fledged porno scene.

Israel teams with Russia on space research

Israel and Russia have signed a deal to cooperate and share technology in space research and exploration.

Failed Russian spy Anna Chapman cashes in

What happens when you hit the headlines for being exposed as a deep-cover operative in the United States? You get a reality show, of course.

NASA to pay Russia more for ISS trips

NASA's extended its deal with the Russian Federal Space Agency over transport to the International Space Station - but the cost of a ticket has gone up.

Infamous cyber criminal evades harsh prison sentence

In 2008, popular electronic payment service RBS WorldPay admitted to being hacked by a gang of cyber criminals who stole sensitive information to create cloned debit cards.

Space Adventures offering new tourist flights in 2013

Well, that's our vacation sorted: Space Adventures says it has three seats for sale for 2013 flights to the International Space Station.

Rocket crash caused by programming error

A Russian rocket carrying three satellites crashed yesterday after blasting off from the Baikonur launchpad.

Russia eyes nuclear-powered spaceships

Russian space contractor RSC Energia has confirmed plans for the design of advanced space modules that will be powered by nuclear-based propulsion systems.

Russian tweet appears to have leaked Mass Effect 3

A seemingly innocuous Twitter message is making a lot of waves this morning, as Sony's team in Russia has reportedly confirmed the existence of a game no one else was ready to announce quite yet.

Russian firms plan commercial space station

Two Russian companies have announced plans to build the first commercial space station, offering trips to private individuals as well as laboratory space for corporate researchers.

Russia builds an Android phone

Yes, the Cold War may have ended years ago, but Russia is racing to bring its own version of an Android handset to market.

Microsoft pledges to protect NGOs from Russian government harassment

Microsoft says it plans to investigate reports that its anti-piracy policy has been used by the Russian authorities to stifle political opposition.