Irrational hackers are a bigger threat to US

Cybersecurity researchers are getting more worried that focusing on "rational" attackers such as the Chinese might be a dangerous way to go, and the country needs to fear the irrational types more.

Obama spends more on cyber defense

US president Barack Obama has promised to increase spending to protect US computer networks from internet based attacks.

Russia and ESA clinch Mars exploration agreement

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian federal space agency, Roscosmos, have signed a formal agreement to work in partnership on the ExoMars program towards the launch of two missions in 2016 and 2018.

International Space Station prepares for new crew members

Activities aboard the International Space Station (ISS) continue to ramp up for next week’s departure of three crew members and the arrival of three new residents at the end of the month.

Source of Russian meteorite found

Astronomers say they've tracked down the source of the meteorite that burned up over Russia earlier this month, injuring more than 1,000 people.

Scientists beat treasure-hunters to meteorite fragments

Russian scientists say they've managed to recover pieces of the meteorite that exploded over the Ural Mountains on Friday, but that much of it fell to Earth in Lake Chebarkul.

NASA: Meteor explosion in Russia had nothing to do with asteroid flyby

The scientific community is aflutter after reports, images, and video of a massive meteor explosion in Russia clogged the Internet early Friday morning.

'Red October' cyber-espionage campaign revealed

Researchers at Russian cybersecurity from Kaspersky Labs say they've uncovered a massive cyber-espionage ring, dubbed Operation Red October, that's been operating since 2007.

Russia's Technopark wants to take on Silicon Valley

The legendary success of Silicon Valley has led to many imitators around the world—such as Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Israel, and Sao Paulo, Brazil—that are trying to catch the same magical, self-sustaining combination of innovation and venture capital.

Apple launches iTunes store in major new markets

Apple's opened its iTunes store in 56 more countries, nearly doubling the number of territories covered.

Russian cable break affects ISS communication

Russia has restored full communication with the International Space Station after a cable break cut off not just the ISS but civilian satellites too.

Young dog walker discovers mammoth

An eleven-year-old Russian boy has discovered what appears to be one of the best-preserved mammoth carcasses ever found.

FBI nabs 11 over secret tech exports to Russia

The FBI says it's busted a secret procurement network disguised as a Texan company and exporting high-tech electronics to the Russian military.

Zuckerberg aims to boost Russian presence

Mark Zuckerberg yesterday met with Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev, in an attempt to raise the profile of Facebook in the country.

International space crew docks at ISS

The Russian rocket carrying space travelers from three different countries - including the US - has successfully landed at the International Space Station.

LinkedIn and eHarmony admit hacks

Hackers have hit the dating site eHarmony, along with LinkedIn - giving the business networking service its second major privacy blow in 24 hours.

The subterranean combat vehicle that never was

It seems as if military leaders in early 20th century Germany and Russia were quite serious about designing a subterranean combat vehicle.

Iran's Tor-M1 aerial defense codes are compromised

Iran’s Tor-M1 aerial defense codes were apparently compromised in the context of a secret deal between Russia and Israel. 

Undiscovered life forms may lurk beneath ancient Antarctic lake

Russian scientists have successfully drilled through approximately 2.5 miles of ice to reach the surface of an ancient sub-glacial Antarctic lake.

Russia hits afterburners on stealth tech

The world of aviation is moving towards the rapid adoption of stealth technology, whether for drones, bombers, or fighter aircraft.