Rumor: Bill Murray kicked out of Ghostbusters

Bill Murray has reportedly angered the Ghostbusters creative team, prompting them to remove the veteran actor from the development process of the long-awaited third film.

Rumor: Smallville novel in the works

It seems as if we may soon have a Smallville epilogue in novel form, penned by the lead writer on the series, Brian Q Miller.

Bay may direct Transformers 4 after all

Hasbro, which owns hundreds of toy and game licenses, is currently in talks to produce several more films based on various franchises, including Transformers 4 and 5.

Akira synopsis is a stunning disappointment

The Akira synopsis confirms the core story has been completely altered from its original, as the experiment is the only element retained. In addition, character names have not been changed to reflect their new nationality.

Alleged Prometheus plot summary hits the 'Net

Seriously, is there a security problem on Ridley Scott’s set?

Game of Thrones gets a condensed shooting schedule

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the lead writers and producers of HBO’s Game of Thrones franchise, once said they would allocate a season each for the first and second books of the Song of Ice and Fire series.

The Akira saga continues

Conflicting reports claim that both Ken Watanabe and Gary Oldman are up for a part in Akira.

Kristen Stewart may take Akira role

Kristen Stewart has reportedly been offered the romantic lead in the upcoming film adaptation of Akira.

Chinese firms agree to step up net censorship

The top Chinese internet forms have agreed to increase the regulation of their services at the government's request.

Fantastic Voyage will be a muddy love story

James Cameron recently updated the press about his upcoming Fantastic Voyage, a remake of the 1960’s classic film and novel.

Rumor: Watchmen to return for prequel

One of the most famous graphic novels in the world might not stand alone much longer.

Will Ben Affleck ruin The Stand?

Warner Bros. has reportedly chosen Ben Affleck to direct the feature-length film adaptation of Steven King’s The Stand.

The riffs of Lindsey Buckingham

I still think in the grand scheme of things that Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac is a very under-rated guitar player.

More rumored changes to the Star Wars Blu-ray edition

Are these changes really on the discs, or is each of them just a hoax?

Rumor: Joss Whedon is mussing up Marvel Film Universe Canon

The clear canon of the MFU is the strongest aspect of the films. Indeed, the connection between the movies is widely noted as the number one prerequisite being done correctly to make the Marvel films really work.

Rumor: Yoda puppet given the boot in new Star Wars Blu-Ray

Star Wars: The Complete Saga is coming to Blu-ray next month, and fans have been wondering what digital improvement (or sacrileges) the boxed set will include.

Is Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who?

The eleventh Doctor may have let the cat out of the bag.

Rumor: Bewitched may return to television

CBS is apparently interested in a series reboot of Bewitched.

Rumor: Eureka’s end is in sight

Eueka may be coming to an end, but there is still time to wrap up the series.

Marvel film canon to include Doctor Strange and other obscure characters

Marvel has been doing it right with their films lately, with every movie since Iron Man ranking as a critical and financial blockbuster.