Rumor: Microsoft prepping Windows 8 tablet for Monday launch

Microsoft and Apple have one of the longest-running and fiercest rivalries in the modern technology industry.

Asus rep confirms Google tablet and Padfone Pad

Rumors have been swirling around for months now about Mountain View designing its very own Google-branded tablet.

Video claims to show new iPhone design

Another day, and yes, there is yet another report-rumor about Apple's next-gen iPhone 5.

Next-gen iPhone could boast 4-inch display, 16:9 aspect ratio

The various rumors, reports and speculation about Apple's next-gen iPhone seem like a never-ending story.

Next iPhone may feature a larger display

Apple rumors never die, they just multiply. The latest?

Rumor: Foxconn ready to build Apple HDTV

Apple rumors never die, and speculation about a potential Apple HDTV have been making the rounds for well over a year.

Report: Google delays tablet in bid to lower cost

The Internet has been abuzz lately with reports about Google's upcoming tablet.

Report: LG to launch 55-inch OLED TV in time for Olympics

Back in 2007, Sony launched the world's first OLED TV, which was rather costly and ultimately pulled from the market due to poor sales.

Is this the new Grand Theft Auto V?

Serious gamers are always hungry for leaked information - true or otherwise - about upcoming titles.

Sprint 'to have iPhone 5 exclusive'

Sprint's rumored to have bet the farm on the iPhone 5, committing to buy over thirty million of the devices.

Adam West Dark Knight cameo debunked

I know, I  know, we're all itchin' like crazy for anything on The Dark Knight Rises, and it's funny to see what kind of rumors grow in the void when little or no official information is released. 

Email fosters 'vicious' rumor-mongering

Spending lots of time on the internet doesn't make you more gullible - but reading rumor-filled emails does, say researchers.

Is Facebook developing its own phone?

Facebook is denying rumors that it is planning to build its own phone - but nobody much believes it.

Report: Intel preps dual-core Atom chips for June launch

Intel is reportedly poised to launch its next-generation of Atom-based processors.