White iPhone not flash enough for you? Try this

Well, that's tasteful. UK company Goldgenie, which specializes in glueing glittery stuff to standard consumer products, has launched a Royal Wedding iPhone.

Facebook pulls activists' pages over royal wedding weekend

More than 50 British protest groups are claiming that Facebook has taken down their pages over the weekend.

Royal wedding madness invades social networks

My excitement and anticipation for the big royal wedding has been mounting for weeks, not because I’m somewhat of an Anglophile but rather for the sheer once-in-a-lifetime excitement of the whole thing.

Google goes down on bended knee

Hurrah! The great day is here. And to celebrate, Google is parading its monarchist sympathies.

Hurrah! Royal Wedding website launched!

Oh, this is so exciting! The Royal Family has launched an official website in response to the pitiful amount of press attention being given to William and Kate's forthcoming nuptials.