Kindle Fire HD gets recovery with Safestrap

Custom recovery arrives on the Kindle Fire HD courtesy of XDA Developers. 

Video: Nook HD & Nook HD+ get rooted

The Nook HD and Nook HD+ have been rooted by a hacker known as "verygreen," just days after Barnes & Noble officially rolled out its new lineup of flagship tablets.

Backing up and restoring your rooted Kindle Fire HD

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD tablet may still have a locked bootloader, but that hasn't stopped modders from rooting the popular device - even if full custom software installations are still blocked.

Rooting the Galaxy Nexus - no unlocked bootloader required

Samsung's Galaxy Nexus can be easily locked and unlocked. However, there are a number of advantages to rooting the device - without unlocking the bootloader.

Qemu automates Kindle Fire HD root

Yes, you can root your Kindle Fire HD manually - or you can check out this automated utility code by XDA Dev member Sparkym3 which will do it for you. 

Google TV root bounty set at $1,000

Yes, we all know how fun and downright satisfying rooting a Google TV device would be. But how about getting paid a sweet $1,000 for the privilege?

Rooted Android access codes stored as plain text

An Android Central mobile security researcher has discovered that critical access codes on rooted Android smartphones are often stored as clear text in internal OS databases.

Report: XDA Dev jailbreaks PS3 with Android Nexus One

An XDA Dev member known as "t4tav" has reportedly coded a sweet PS3 jailbreak that can be executed via a rooted Nexus One or HTC Desire.

XDA devs root Motorola Droid 2

The talented XDA Dev team has managed to root Motorola's Droid 2 just two weeks after the smartphone's launch.

Motorola Droid X rooted, bootloader still in lock-down

A talented dev named Steven Bird (aka "Birdman") has managed to successfully root Motorola's locked-down Droid X in just 6 days.

Pandigital Novel hacked, no rooting required

Want to hack your Pandigital Novel but don't feel like rooting the device? Well, now you can gain access to the command line by simply overwriting the existing home screen.

Unrevoked roots HTC Droid Incredible

The Unrevoked dev team has managed to successfully root the super-resistant HTC Droid Incredible. 

Rooted HTC Evo 4G spotted in the wild

Three hackers have managed to successfully root the HTC Evo 4G 11 days before the smartphone's official release date.