Has The Dark Tower Movie Stalled Again?

While a Dark Tower movie may be a real longshot, we’re still hoping for the best on this one. Maybe Ron Howard’s not the right guy for a genre classic, but he’s always been a pro who gets the job done, and he’s passionate about doing this project, which is what you want from a filmmaker. 

Is The Dark Tower Back on Track?

One of the biggest disappointments in recent genre movie history was the sad saga of The Dark Tower. Several years ago it was going to be a three movie series at Universal with Javier Bardem in the lead, then it fell apart at the last second. Then it was set up at Warner Brothers, where it also stalled. 

Does the Dark Tower Movie Still Have a Chance of Getting Made?

Several years back, The Dark Tower was in development at Universal with Ron Howard directing, and this adaptation of the Stephen King fantasy series was quite ambitious. It was going to be three movies, and a TV series that was going to fill in the gaps between films, but Universal eventually passed on it, because it was too financially risky. (This was also during the period the studio was losing its ass on Battleship.) 

... And Mountains of Madness for all

Last year was quite a frustrating time for veteran Hollywood directors Ron Howard and Guillermo Del Toro. 

Rick Baker is back with The Men in Black

Rick Baker is probably one of the greatest make-up artists of all time. 

Some thought on The Dark Tower at HBO

Ron Howard’s planned adaptation of The Dark Tower  was one of the most closely watched cliffhangers in Hollywood history, along with the recent budget battle over The Lone Ranger. 

HBO is the best place for Dark Tower

The television adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series has been picked up by HBO after a rocky road toward production.

Stephen King and the Dark Tower slapdown

We've been following the waiting game at Universal with The Dark Tower series, which was going to be a three part movie and TV series directed by Ron Howard.

Universal finally blinks on The Dark Tower

It was big, it was bold, it was a very risky and ambitious gamble, and until Monday, July 18th, it was set up at Universal. 

The Dark Tower clock is ticking

Universal has set a new deadline for July to get things moving, which means we'll find out very soon if the studio is going to pull the trigger or not.

Make a movie out of this (we dare you)

Looking at YouTube the other day, where I spend much of my time, I came across something pretty interesting and fun.

The Dark Tower is now a cliffhanger

After reports about The Dark Tower going into turn around at Universal, suddenly rumors abound that the epic Stephen King adaptation is now slated for a Ron Howard-directed February 2012 start date.

What is holding up The Dark Tower & Mountains of Madness?

You may have read that the adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower was going to be a three part theatrical series directed by Ron Howard, with a TV mini-series in-between films to bridge the gap.