US elections: are Google results biased?

Try searching for 'Medicare' in Google, then opening another browser tab and searching first for 'Obama' and then for 'Medicare' again. Notice any difference?

Obama election ads target gamers

For a moment there, it looked like Obama was in trouble with the debates.

Romney plan: Oil. And more oil. And did we mention oil?

"It's all about oil," griped one commentator about the new energy plan [PDF] that Mitt Romney put out on Thursday.

Twitter creates "Political Index" scores

Twitter is now ranking the pulse of the country in a numerical Obama-v-Romney scale.

Did Romney torpedo bipartisan wind tax credit deal?

The Romney presidential campaign on recently came out firmly against the production tax credit for wind power. 

The Etch a Sketch is back and on the campaign trail

Who still has fond memories of playing with their Etch a Sketch? I certainly do, and like many of my young brethren spent many hours doodling away with it.