Roger Ebert reflects on life itself

Roger Ebert's certainly been through a hell of a lot. 

He lost the ability to speak from a terrible bout with cancer, but it hasn't slowed down his writing, or his enthusiasm for living.

Claim: Humans not advanced enough for 3D tech

As the buzz over 3D TV heightens, so does the debate about whether or not it will truly revolutionize the way we watch TV and movies. Tipping the scales against 3D TV is famed movie critic, Roger Ebert.

Francis Ford Coppola says 3D is so 1950's

Francis Ford Coppola - who directed such classic movies as Godfather and Apocalypse Now - has expressed his profound disappointment with modern 3D entertainment.

Roger Ebert says 3D movies add "nothing essential"

Sometimes it seems as if everyone is a critic - and Roger Ebert is certainly one of the most recognizable names in America's lucrative entertainment business.