Nirvana and Kiss Up For the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

Although Kurt Cobain tragically took his own life nearly twenty years ago, you can still see Nirvana shirts and posters everywhere. We never expected the band to go forgotten, but considering the ultra short attention span people have with today’s pop culture, it’s nice to see that Nirvana’s music has lived on for another generation.

Unplugging: Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame to induct GNR & Beastie Boys

As the new year swiftly approaches, success stories in the music world are closing out 2011 with a big bang. Join us in enjoying the successes of 2011!

Part II: Kill 'Em All and the Big Four

Along with making it all the way down from Seattle to see The Big Four show in Indio, CA, KJ Doughton was also one of the chosen few who got see Metallica get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.