Curiosity collects first Martian rock sample

NASA's Curiosity rover has successfully extracted a sample from a Martian rock - the first ever to be collected from a planet beyond Earth.

Curiosity set to drill its first rock

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity is on the road again, driving toward a flat rock with pale veins that the team says could help shed light on Mars' watery past.

Curiosity sweeps rock clean for test

Another crucial instrument on the Curiosity Mars rover has had its  first test: the Dust Removal Tool, used to sweep dust from the rover's target rocks.

3D printer could use moon rock for repairs in space

If equipment breaks down on the moon, ordering a replacement part through the mail isn't exactly an option. But what if astronauts could simply print out what they need, using local materials?

Curiosity identifies Earth-like rock - and has its first carwash

The first rock to be touched by NASA's Curiosity rover - dubbed Jake Matijevic - turns out to have a very Earth-like composition, different to anything before seen on Mars.

Curiosity rover arrives at unusual rock

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity is taking a break from its drive to Glenelg to examine a football-size rock with its robotic arm.

Near-complete human ancestor discovered in neglected chunk of rock

South African scientists say they've discovered the most complete skeleton ever of an early human ancestor - in a rock that had lain unnoticed in a lab for years.

The demise of modern rock radio

I can’t remember the last time I’ve listened to regular rock radio, primarily because it’s the same tired old songs, over and over again. 

Opportunity finds Martian rock with possible signs of water

NASA's Mars rover Opportunity - recently arrived at the Endeavour crater - has found a rock that's different from anything it's seen before.

Cheesy Trailer released for Mega Man comicbook series

Mega Man #1 will be out from Archie Comics this May. To build anticipation, they’ve released a minimally animated trailer.

NASA upgrades Mars Rover with advanced autonomous capabilities

NASA has upgraded its Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity with advanced autonomous capabilities.