BSG Diaspora trailer targets the Cylons

Diaspora: Shattered Armistice, a fan-made Battlestar Galactica video game, has been released after 4 years in development.

Robot and Frank clips are a bit groggy

Park Pictures has posted a pair of clips for its upcoming science fiction comedy, Robot and Frank.

Swarms of micro-robots could one day carry cargo

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have worked out how to create tiny robots, just a few microns long, that can swim through liquids such as water and could one day be used for everything from drug delivery to construction.

Robots scan ships' hulls for mines

Human divers - and dolphins - could have a reprieve from searching out mines attached to ships' hulls, thanks to a new algorithm from MIT.

DARPA wants robots with more stamina

The trouble with robots, says DARPA, is that no matter how good they are, they have an annoying tendency to run out of juice. It's no good carrying heavy equipment halfway to where it's needed; even worse is a robot that gets halfway though disarming a roadside bomb.

Robot and Frank trailer pulls off the heist

Park Pictures has released the first trailer for its upcoming science fiction comedy, Robot and Frank.

The Prototype trailer becomes machine

A team of independent filmmakers known as The Bandito Brothers recently made a name for themselves in Hollywood and beyond with the production of Act of Valor.

How robots can feel more than humans

Researchers at the University of Southern California have demonstrated that a specially designed robot is capable of outperforming humans in identifying a wide range of natural materials.

Schwarzenegger is back as the Terminator

The aging action-star-turned-governor-turned action-star Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he will be reprising the role of the futuristic assassin-bot in at least one more film.

James Cameron to produce Robogeddon

James Cameron - of Avatar and Titanic fame - is helping to create a new robot fighting show for the Discovery Channel.

Design and print your own customized robot

MIT researchers are working to develop a desktop technology allowing people to design, customize and print a specialized robot on demand.

Robotic jellyfish fueled by seawater

Engineers have built a robotic jellyfish, fueled by hydrogen, which they say could be used in underwater rescue missions.

Navy opens new robot research facility

The US Navy's opened a new research lab that will become the hub for autonomous systems research.

Pentagon wants Avatar-style robots

I'm fairly certain most of you have seen James Cameron's Avatar or Surrogates starring Bruce Willis.

Pop-up origami robots inspired by children's books

Harvard engineers have developed a way to create swarms of 'pop-up' robots to be printed out by the sheet.

Robot fleets set to survey the oceans

Swarms of spherical robots equipped with biogeochemical sensors could soon be cruising the oceans on study missions.

New robot designed to rescue trapped miners

A new robot designed to search out trapped miners in the event of an accident can navigate through 18 inches of water, crawl over boulders and rubble piles, and move in ahead of rescuers to evaluate dangerous environments.

Mission Impossible, robot style [video]

A group of robots dubbed a Swarmanoid has won the video award from the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) for its Mission Impossible-style demonstration of, um, taking a book from a shelf.

U.S. Navy gets serious about unmanned sea drones

The Navy is stepping up its development of unmanned vehicles designed to patrol the high seas.

A robot who can "love"

Nowadays it seems like robots can almost do anything from driving a car to playing soccer, but one thing they can't do is, well, understand love. Well, at least until now.