These self-organizing robots are inspired by termite colonies

On the plains of Namibia, millions of tiny termites are building a mound of soil—an 8-foot-tall "lung" for their underground nest. During a year of construction, many termites will live and die, wind and rain will erode the structure, and yet the colony's life-sustaining project will continue.

New system combines control programs so fleets of robots can collaborate

A new system combines simple control programs to enable fleets of robots -- or other 'multiagent systems' -- to collaborate in unprecedented ways.

Wall crawling gecko robots can stick in space

Climbing robots that mimic the stickiness of gecko lizard feet could work in space as well as on Earth, ESA has shown, raising the prospect of hull-crawling automatons tending future spacecraft.

Mind-reading robots are on the way

If you think with the release of every new i-device the world is getting closer to thought-controlled smart tech and robotic personal assistants, you might be right. And thanks in part to work led by the University of Cincinnati's Anca Ralescu, we may be even closer than you realize.

Opinion: What HP missed about the future could affect other companies

HP had what was likely one of the best financial analyst meetings this week and the difference between the company this year and last was quite pronounced.

Robots (algorithms) are taking over

Recently, the global financial market experienced a series of computer glitches that abruptly brought operations to a halt. One reason for these "flash freezes" may be the sudden emergence of mobs of ultrafast robots, which trade on the global markets and operate at speeds beyond human capability, thus overwhelming the system.

Robots aim to beat humans at soccer

If you are an Arsenal supporter that goes without saying, but judging by this first person/robot view at the recent Robocup, our robot overlords will need the next thirty years to catch up to us humans.  You can dive into the science and plenty of action from the last five years that the B-Human team, featured here, has been trying to bend it like Beckham.

Will we ever want to have sex with robots?

Meet Roxxxy the sex robot with a triple XXX. Depending on your view 'she' is either at the cutting edge of the human-robot interface, or a modern reflection on some men's difficulties in relating to real-life partners. 

New robotic device helps men fight hair loss

“Hair loss is extremely common in men,” said Dr. Marc Avram of the Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York. “About 50 percent of men will have male pattern hair loss at some point in their life.”Fortunately, there may be hope for some balding men. A new robotic ...

Meet the robot dancer and the mechanical portrait artist

They hope to use lessons from animals, plants and even bacteria to make robotsmore able to operate in the real world alongside humans.One example is iCub, a humanoid robot that can wake at a human touch, canappear to watch their movements intently and even perform dance likemovements with ...

7 reasons the legal profession is facing a technology hump

Lawyer robots will one day kill us all while suing us for copyright infringement on our DNA, but until then, it could be that technology is making the profession a little nervous about its role in IT.

Arduino TFT screen gets official

Just a few days after rolling out a new IDE (integrated development environment) and an official Robot, Arduino has launched a TFT LCD screen.

Robots will soon rule the roost

Robots will start replacing human brains by 2045 and artificially intelligent machines may be capable of doing anything that humans can, including standing in line for new Apple products.

Isaac Asimov invoked to save us from killer robots

Campaigners are calling for laws which are similar to Isaac Asimov's first law of robotics to prohibit the use of robots which can kill without a human control switch.

Flying robots could build these prefab towers

The concept of the flying robot has rarely had positive connotations. Usually the very mention of the words “flying robot” or “drone” leads to talk about government intrusion or terrifying, secret high-tech warfare. Rarely does it conjure images of benign uses (or even mechanical best friends).

Artificial skin becomes real possibility

A team of US and Chinese scientists has managed to come up with an experimental sensor array that can sense pressure like a human fingertip.   

US Navy develops robotic jellyfish

The US Navy has asked scientists at the Virginia Tech College of Engineering to continue the development of a robotic jellyfish for surveillance use.

Human finds its human

Urban to take lead role in new sci-fi procedural drama.

Robots get their own internet

Scientists have turned on a web-based database specifically for robots, designed to let them share information about their behavior and environment.

Robot hedgehogs could explore Martian moon

Rolling robots like spiky tumbleweeds could be used to explore the moons of Mars, says a team of NASA, Stanford and MIT engineers.