Robot snake meets giant spider (video)

A group of artists and engineers has created a 35-foot robot snake, in an effort to highlight climate change, they say.

DARPA designs a FastRunner robot

DARPA researchers at MIT and the Florida Institute of Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) are designing a "FastRunner" robot that will be capable of moving at 10 times the speed of standard mobile 'bots.

Video: US Air Force tests robot dragonfly drone

The Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Pat has released a video of a prototype robot dragonfly drone.

Gecko-inspired robot can climb perfectly smooth walls

Inspired by the gecko, researchers at Simon Fraser University have developed a tank-like robot that can climb smooth walls or cross ceilings without using magnets or suction cups.

Robot builds itself with foam

Roboticists at the University of Pennsylvania’s Modlab have built a robot that can build and repair other robots - and even itself - using modular parts and spray-on foam.

Robot gives clues on evolution of flight

A tiny robot insect has given support to the idea that the first flying creatures were tree-dwellers.

AlphaDog robot to carry soldiers' kit (video)

Military robotics manufacturer Boston Dynamics has released a video of its latest project - a doglike robot designed for carrying military equipment.

Robot trader beats competition

City traders are never all that popular, so many people will welcome the news that they've now been shown to be rubbish compared with a new robot trading system.

Robots develop their own language and talk

A pair of Australian robots have successfully created their own language from scratch and used it to communicate with one another.

Video: This robot plays the vibraphone

The one-man band has gone high tech with the introduction of the Vibratron. Yes, this bad boy can pretty much do the job of a multiple percussion players with its unique ability to play multiple vibraphone keys at the same time.

How to take on a boxing robot

Would you go toe-to-toe in the ring with a robot? Well, Australian designer Kris Tressider has with his Punching Pro robot trainer. 

Boy Scouts to introduce a robotics merit badge

When you think of the Boy Scouts you usually think of outdoors activities. But now scouts will have robotics as an activity.

Private firm could put a robot on the moon next year

Private space company Astrobotic Technology says it's signed a contract with SpaceX to launch a robotic payload to the moon as soon as December next year.

Robots learn to walk the same way babies do

University of Vermont roboticist Josh Bongard has created robots that  change their body forms while learning how to walk - like tadpoles becoming frogs.

Boffin develops satnav that knows when you're getting cross

There can be few satnav owners who haven't been tempted to throw the thing out of the car window as that patronisingly calm voice tells them to 'turn around where possible' for the umpteenth time.

S. Korean students learn English from robot teachers

In South Korea, science fiction has become reality, with 30 robots teaching English to young students as part of a unique pilot program.

Robotic head advances human-machine interaction

The subject of countless books and movies, humans have always been intrigued by robotic automation.

'Elephant's trunk' could replace industrial robots

Looking to create a robotic arm that would be both strong and dexterous, German engineering company Festo has created a bionic elephant's trunk.

Researchers develop second-gen military snake 'bot

Researchers at Israel's Technion Institute have developed a second-gen military snake 'bot that could eventually participate in urban and subterranean operations conducted by the IDF.

Robotic gripper made from coffee and balloons

For years, robotics engineers have worked on creating robot hands that can grip like the real thing. But it turns out that all they needed was some ground coffee and a party balloon.